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For overworked teachers and parents, fitness has to be efficient and flexible to be able to fit into our busy lives. Discover your soulmate workout with simple programs you can do on YOUR time from YOUR own home. Spend as little as 22 minutes a day to work on YOU, and yup, still have a life!


Learn tips to prepare real food that you'll actually enjoy! Your program includes a complete nutrition guide, a simple, practical system for portion control, and a Superfood shake that tastes like dessert! Yay for healthy alternatives to cafeteria food, and no more getting sucked in to the rut of fast food on the run.


Being a Superhero is exhausting! Don't go it alone! One-on-one and group support will keep you from skipping a workout or eating that whole bag of cookies - helping you stay on track to regain control of your habits, build confidence, and make new friends. I'll be your virtual cheerleader every step of the way!

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25


About Laurie 



For busy Christian moms and teacher heroes who spend your days serving others, in a world dictated by children, bell schedules, meetings, and mandates, that feel like living your purpose means putting yourself last on your priority list, who feel under appreciated, overwhelmed, and like your emotional tank is on empty at the end of the day. 

SHAPED FOR STRENGTH promises to help you regain control of your time, your health, and your joy, to help get you back on top of your game - equipping you for STRENGTH - in the classroom, at home, and in all areas of your life.

BY OFFERING YOU faith-based encouragement and simple strategies for fitness and nutrition, in a community of other teachers and moms just like you, we'll celebrate the small stuff together as you transform and strengthen from the inside out.

BACKED BY 20+ years of experience as an educator, and the most sought after home-based fitness programs available, to address the need for us to put our health FIRST.

A single mom on a teacher's salary myself, I get it. Investing in your health shouldn't be as stressful as high-stakes testing! I'll hold your virtual hand as we walk together, empowering you to overcome and THRIVE! Get ready to feel amazing, look fabulous, and be an even bigger blessing to the ones in your life that depend on you the most.





Equipping You For Strength Through Faith and Fitness

NEW Fitness Devotional: Shaped by the Spirit

Everyday, we are being strengthened by our journey – SHAPED for strength by the path God has set out for us. See what the bible has to say about issues like Anxiety, Emotional Eating, Body Image, and Fitness, and kickstart your goals with a FREE 5-Day Devotional for teachers and busy moms. Spend 5 days to fuel your fitness through your faith! Click below to have it delivered right to your inbox!

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