Success Habits of Winners

There is no success gene.

success, bodybuilderIt all comes down to habits and a desire to win.

So what does it take to win? Whether it’s winning in business, with money, weight loss, parenting, at work, or in life, it’s about figuring out, and acting on, the behaviors that lead us to success. So how are we supposed to know what those behaviors are? Well, for starters, we can look to the successful people in that area, and see what they are doing. Chances are many of their behaviors can be translated into action in our own lives. If we learn to practice these behaviors we could be much closer to success than we realize.

Think about it. We generally don’t seek advice on parenting from someone who has never had children, or tips on weight loss from an overweight junk-food addict. After doing some research published by the many success “gurus” out there who have been-there-done-that, here is a bit of what I’ve learned from the best of the best when it comes to success.

Success is not a personality trait

This isn’t really rocket science, but I would answer the how to be successful question with this: If you want to be a successful person, you have to do “successful people things”. If you have “unsuccessful people habits”, like sleeping in late, having absolutely no goals in life, making excuses when you don’t get what you want – these habits will hold you back until you decide you are willing to put yourself out there and take a risk, do the work, and move forward with your goals. The beauty is you can start doing “successful people habits” at any time. They are not personality traits. They are actions. Actions done repeatedly and with consistency can become habits. String enough of those habits together for a period of time, and guess what? You’ll be one step closer every day to the knock of successful opportunities on your door.

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Successful people go do it

Of course, no one is saying changing habits is easy. We all know that change is hard, but successful people are usually the last ones to shy away from it. They don’t walk away complaining they don’t know how to do something or think they “can’t” do this or that. Instead, they say, “Show me how to do that thing”, and they go out and find out the who, the what, and the where they can go in order to learn it. They turn “I can’ts” into “I cans”, and after they learn it, they go do it.

Anyone can practice a habit

There are a zillion books out there on the subject professing the “7 habits…”, the “11 behaviors…”, the “25 steps…” and the “4 secrets…” of how to be successful. One of the best known of these, Stephen R. Covey’s book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People has sold over 15 million copies in 38 countries worldwide, but there are a ton of others – Jack Canfield, Malcolm Gladwell, Brian Tracy, and Darren Hardy, to name a few. If we approach success from the mindset that most of these experts in the field suggest, it is the act, the behavior, and the habit, that brings about the success, and a few simple habits will go a long way to helping us reach our goals.

“Successful people habits” are just that, habits. Habits come from discipline, but must originate with a goal, a drive, and a strong enough reason to want to win. After researching on the many self-help books, productivity seminars, and guru speeches out there, I’ve collected my own personal list of some of the ones I might use to win with my personal goals. I plan to use this list as my jumping off point and focus on making habits out of as many of them as I can in my life. I hope you can find something useful for YOUR starting point, too!

What successful people do:

  • wake up early
  • plan goals in line with their values
  • use to-do lists
  • read
  • ask questions
  • forgive
  • learn continuously
  • look past the past and ahead to the future
  • hang around with like-minded people
  • take care of their bodies
  • save money
  • do more than the minimum
  • persevere
  • believe
  • be accountable
  • serve others

Success is not guaranteed to anyone. In fact, more people in the world are unsuccessful than are successful. Still, we see examples of success all around us and when we get right down to it, habits that can lead us to success are very doable more often than not. Even if we only change our habits a little at a time, at least we’ll be a step closer than we were yesterday, and that’s something worth believing in.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. ~ Galatians 6:9

How do you strive toward success in particular areas of your life? Comment here and help someone else out with your tips!


 To your success and beyond,

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