3 Decisions and a Comeback

come back home
photo: Pixabay

I wasn’t always so “strong”…

On the outside, the “old Laurie” appeared to have it all, and there was a time I did – the husband, the great job, the 2 kids, house, and a dog. But on the inside I was broken.

Years of bad habits and putting myself absolutely last on my priority list had contributed to a major lack of balance in my life. Among other things, this led to a weakened immune system, weight gain, a broken marriage, and massive family debt. I truly thought I was doing everything right, when in fact, my life was upside down!

I call those my 3-D years, as I battled Disease, Divorce, and Debt, and I NEVER want to go back. Needless to say, I was ready for a change.

Are you relating to this? If you’re a typical American mom with the 2.4 kids, full-time job, bills, laundry, and the littles tugging at you asking, “What’s for dinner?” every time you turn around, on some level I bet you are!

Remember that commercial in the 80s where the stressed out mom has her “Calgon, take me away” moment (if you’re too young just Google it)? If only life were that simple, right? Well, I probably should have taken more Calgon baths, because the stress I was under was so heavy and I had no idea what to do with it, that I absolutely turned to food as my medication of choice.

My wake up call

I remember like it was yesterday, driving myself to the hospital for the surgery that would hopefully give me a second chance on life. I was 36 years old and not ready for cancer, and surely not ready to leave my kids yet. My youngest was just in kindergarten. Cancer was my wake up call.

Through tears during that car ride, I sang along with Mercy Me’s I Can Only Imagine on the radio and prayed out loud, basically begging God for just a little more time.

There were 3 decisions I made that morning that were life-changing.

  1. To stand in faith that God’s hand would heal me (Isaiah 41:10).
  2. To be a better steward of my body and my health from that day forward (1 Corinthians 6:19 , Proverbs 31:17).
  3. To commit to living in balance (and admit I was never meant to be SuperMom – and that’s totally OK) (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).

Laurie and daughter at her Texas Vball gameThe Come Back

It is now over 10 years post-cancer, and I am so grateful to be blessed with these additional second chance years of life. God is so good!

As I began my journey back from my unhealthy life, I started this blog originally to keep myself accountable as I started the Insanity workout (a friend dared me that I wouldn’t be able to handle it).

Today I am 40 pounds lighter, and I’ve truly gained more than I’ve lost. I no longer suffer from the chronic fatigue, the migraine headaches, the arthritic pain, and best of all – I’m CANCER FREE!

I’ve learned so much about myself, and just how much I am capable of, and just want to shout it to the rooftops that if this everyday mom could overcome her overwhelmed, unhealthy life, ANYONE can!

I am now an entrepreneur and online fitness motivator as an independent Beachbody Coach, which means I help others reclaim their fitness as I did. I have done almost every amazing workout they have produced, and have learned so much about nutrition, portion control, and personal development in the process of MY personal transformation that I now host online challenge groups to help others do the same.

When I’m not in school or working with my clients, you can usually find me at a volleyballlaurie at diamond head lookout on come back cancer-versary game, taking a walk around Diamond Head, tinkering with web design, or indulging in a mini-Netflix marathon! :)

I have coached people from around the country get sustainable results, and my mission is to help YOU overcome overwhelm and reach your personal health and fitness goals, no longer feeling frozen by anxiety and fear, but with God’s love and grace, see that you deserve a life fulfilled.

Are You Holding Yourself Back?

We don’t get many second chances in life, and I am here to tell you that whatever you are going through, your obstacles, your fear, and your pain don’t have to limit you – unless you let them!

Being unhealthy, overwhelmed, and unhappy is so far from where God wants you to be, my friend! Once you make a decision and start implementing some key habits, you will see small changes. Small changes become big ones, and before you know it HOPE will come back into your spirit and you will BELIEVE once again that you are worthy.

Laurie and son during the come back yearsIt’s time for you to find your JOY!

So here’s to removing the barriers that hold you back, closing the door on yesterday’s struggles, finding your joy, and loving the skin you’re in. 

You’ve gone back to the starting line one too many times. Your “after” photo is waiting.

And I’m with you every step of the way!