5 Healthy Summer Travel Tips That Won’t Derail Your Progress

You’ve Worked Hard All Year…healthy summer travel tips

Don’t let your summer travel plans derail your progress!

School’s out and for many of us that means heading out on the road, but summer travel doesn’t have to mean we lose sight of our health and fitness. It can be tempting to head through the buffet line every night, after lying around the pool or sitting in meetings all day, but do that and you’ll take more home with you than just memories and photographs – you’ll be packing a few extra pounds in your luggage when all is said and done.

How to avoid post summer travel “how-did-my-pants-get-so-tight” remorse? Follow these 5 healthy travel tips this summer, or any time of year, to reach and maintain your progress while on the road and you’ll come home relaxed, rejuvenated, and guilt free.

5 Tips for Healthy Summer Travel

1) Anticipate temptation.

Whether it’s the airport food, the hotel snacks, or the blueberry pancakes offered every morning at the hotel’s free breakfast buffet, know that there will be plenty of temptation on the road. You can give yourself some wiggle room to indulge every once in a while, but be conscious of what – and how much – you’re putting on your plate. Plan in your mind some alternatives you might order while dining out (you can Google the nutrition information ahead of time at most popular restaurants), and try to make better menu choices whenever you can. Remember, calories eaten on vacation still count.

2) Pack a snack.

When planning for a long flight, a day of business meetings, or time at the beach with the family, it makes sense to bring some fresh food with you. Nuts are a healthy alternative to vending machine candy bars, fruit can be carried with you, and so can sandwiches, and even salads. One of the best all-in-one meals I take with me on every road trip is Shakeology (read about it here). Healthier options that you bring with you are a good way to avoid processed, salty, sugary snacks that can set your progress back way beyond the duration of the vacation.

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3) Schedule time for your health.

Find yourself some workout space, and make it a point to use it. Wake up a little earlier to hit the hotel fitness center, go for a walk, a hike, or even go to a local gym or yoga class. My favorites are my home workout DVDs that I can do right in the hotel room on my laptop. Working fitness into your vacation can help you stay on track with your goals and make you less likely to feel that post-vacation guilt when you get home.

4) Add color to your plate.

Don’t leave your nutrition to chance. Plan for a colorful array on your plate as often as you can while traveling, making sure you have all the food groups included in your meals (i.e. proteins and starches as well as fruits and veggies). The more color, the better! If you have the color coded-food containers from the 21 Day Fix, those travel extremely well, and a bonus is that you’ll be maintaining proper portion sizes in an easy system that requires a little planning, but very little thinking. :)

5) Stay hydrated.

Traveling can definitely take a toll on your body’s hydration levels. Purchasing that hotel room water bottle is generally not a good idea, as those can run you anywhere between $5 and $10 a piece, so be proactive and bring your own bottle that you can fill up, or find a grocery store or a Costco nearby and get a whole case for under $5.  You’ll stay hydrated and save some money, too!

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Using these healthy summer travel tips to stay healthy during your vacation can make all the difference in helping you reach or maintain your goals. Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean your health has to be, too!


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