5 Reasons I Love Mondays

MondaysMondays get a bad rap for being the least favorite day of the week.

I mean, if you were a day of the week, which one would you like to be? Probably the most popular answer would be Friday, the gateway into our weekends, or Sunday, a day of rest and reflection. Or possibly even Thursday, the day after “hump day” when we can see the weekend right over the horizon. But Mondays? Would you choose Monday? Not me. Definitely not Monday.

Mondays break up the party. Mondays remind us that we have to get back to work, get back to our tasks, run our businesses, go back to school, restart our diets, the list goes on and on.

But what if you changed your perspective, released yourself from the shortcomings of last week, or even last month (or last year!), and viewed Mondays with a renewed resolve? I call this the Monday Mindset, and although Monday is still not my favorite day, I can focus on what’s ahead and frame my upcoming week in a positive light. I believe if you speak it, you are more likely to achieve it. So I’m choosing Monday. Yes, Monday. And here are my top five reasons why I am speaking “I love Mondays” into existence.

The Monday Mindset – 5 Reasons I Love Mondays:

1) All great things have a beginning.

Instead of joining the other Monday-haters with their endless complaining that the weekend has come to an end, think of the new week ahead as a new beginning. Mondays can be about preparation for goals, new to-do lists to conquer, and exercising your power to move forward. Mondays are also a great day to take a leap of faith. If you find yourself in a dead-end relationship, or have been at an unfulfilling job for years, maybe Monday is a day to choose something different and take back control of the way you want to really live your life and #livemore!

2) Doing a self-check can get you places.

Monday is a perfect chance to redeem yourself and get re-centered, to clarify goals, plan ahead for your eating and workout routines, and just generally get things in order. I recommend you make small incremental changes and take a few minutes every Monday morning (or even Sunday night) to write them down. You just might be a little more motivated to start the first day of your new week on a positive note because you’re focused and on a mission!

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3) Routines help keep us responsible.

I get it. Sleeping in, watching football, and hitting the mall after a pancake breakfast is nice, but who would really want to do that every day? OK, maybe I don’t want you to answer that. Seriously, though, as much as we our weekends, they can’t stretch on forever. Even if you work from home, we need routines to get back to reality. Our jobs give us a sense of fulfillment (if yours doesn’t, go back and read #1), help us pay our bills, and send our kids through school. We need our health routines to make sure we don’t end up with preventable diseases. Appreciate Mondays and the routines they bring, because if every day were Sunday, we’d very likely be fat, hungry and broke.

4) It’s nice to leave the cave once in awhile.

Maybe your weekends are like mine sometimes, so busy with errands, kids’ sports events, laundry, house cleaning, and checkbook balancing, that you really don’t mind going back to the office on Monday. The Monday Mindset would tell you to start appreciating the way that Mondays can get you out of the house, so you can work and socialize with colleagues and friends and be productive in a different setting. Even if you’re a stay at home mom, your Mondays can help give you a reprieve from household “stuff”.

5) An attitude of gratitude cleanses the soul.

Imagine NOT having anywhere to report or anything to be accountable to on a Monday. That would probably mean you are either unemployed, laid off, or worse, wandering aimlessly through life trying to “find yourself”. If you are required to be somewhere, chances are it’s because you have been blessed with a reason to be there. Being grateful for what makes you get out of bed and get dressed on Monday morning is an important part of the Monday Mindset. With this attitude, you won’t be making yourself or others around you miserable just because another Monday has rolled around.

Some questions to consider:
• Am I ready for the week with a purpose in mind?
• Do I need clarification on a goal I’ve set but seem slow to achieve?
• Do I feel rested and energized?
• Am I waking up with a positive spirit?

If you answer “NO” to several of these questions week after week, then it might be time for a shift. So stop waiting for Fridays to give you permission to live (and love) your life! Don’t let rainy days and Mondays always get you down (not sure who is old enough to get that reference). Resist the urge to be a Monday hater and try a positive Monday mindset. My “I Love Fridays” list is still pretty long, but I’m working on it!

What are your thoughts on Mondays? Comment here or share this article with someone you love who may need a lift!

Have a great week,

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