5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes for Your Next Potluck

thanksgiving side dishes

Thanksgiving week is here, and that means FOOD!

I’ve put together 5 Thanksgiving side dishes for you to test out before your next potluck. Whether you are cooking at home, traveling to grandma’s, or celebrating “friendsgiving” this year, the holidays are a wonderful time to be grateful for our blessings and come together for a little comfort food around the table.

The trouble with some “comfort foods” is they make us a little TOO comfortable. The recipes in this post will hopefully prevent your top button from popping and still let you enjoy the meal. :)

When you are trying to watch your nutrition, sometimes the holiday family gatherings just don’t leave you many options, but a great tip is to prepare a dish yourself – one that you know is in your “safe zone” and bring it with you. Then at least you know there will be something there that you like, and that is “approved” on your plan.

Here’s another tip: When filling your plate, begin with the vegetables, then the protein, then save the starch for last (so there isn’t that much room for the heaping mound of mash potatoes and gravy). By all means, it’s the holidays, so don’t starve yourself, but enjoy in moderation, and just stay mindful.

“When it comes to being healthy and fit, it’s not just about what you do in the gym. It’s really about what you do in the kitchen.” – Autumn Calabrese.

All the recipes here are “21 Day Fix Approved” (and Core de Force, too). Try a couple of them, and maybe even find one you can make this week. They are great side dishes that are pretty simple to make, and most have very few ingredients – which will save you money AND time!

5 Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Click on the links for recipes, instructions, nutrition info & the portion fix container equivalents.

#1: Healthy Green Bean Casserole

healthy green bean casserole

#2: Beachbody Black Bean Salad

beachbody black bean salad

#3: Roasted Butternut Squash

roasted butternut squash

#4: Edamame Corn Succotash

edamame cord succotash

#5: Cauliflower Mash

cauliflower mash

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