5 Ways to Drink More Water

You’ve heard the advice: drink more water

Drink More Water!

There is much discussion lately about “how much is enough” when it comes to our daily water intake, and figuring out if we need more water. Dr. Oz says one thing, the Mayo Clinic says another, so how are we supposed to know? Well, simply put, answer this question by looking down after going to the bathroom and you’ll know if you’re getting enough: How yellow is your urine?

Really? Yes, really.

Generally speaking, if your urine is darker in color, then you need more water in your system. A lighter yellow or nearly colorless stream means you’re probably doing fine. Most of us fall somewhere in between, but it’s always a good reminder to be aware of your hydration needs.

A good rule of thumb is to divide your weight in half and that would be the number of ounces you’d need. For example, a 200 pound person would drink about 100 ounces per day. Keep in mind, this is a simplified recommendation, and that number will vary based on your activity level, certain medications, and even things like the altitude where you live.

The human body thrives when it is properly hydrated, and goes into survival mode when dehydrated. Water helps carry nutrients through our bodies, flushes out toxins, lubricates our tissues, and even helps us lose weight. Water isn’t the only source for hydration, as we do get fluids from foods and other beverages, but you just can’t beat the liquid awesomeness of water. Just look all around us, as water brings life to our planet and all its living creatures!

Make sure you’re staying hydrated by following some of the tips here, or comment below with some of your own methods to make sure you are drinking enough water.

drink more water1. Drink a glass of water before each meal.

2. Add fruit or a mint leaf for flavor, if you really don’t like just plain H2O.

3. When you think you’re hungry, you may just be thirsty – try drinking more water instead.

4. Track your intake with an app for accountability, or try a “low tech” method like wrapping a rubber band around your water bottle and removing one each time you refill.

5. Keep water within arms reach (at work, in the car, while you run errands) throughout the day, and especially, don’t forget to drink water before, during, and after your daily workout!


How do you make sure you are hydrating your body all day?

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