Back-to-School Prayers for Teachers, Students and Families.

back to school blessings

Time for back-to-school!

It’s about that time again! The kids are excited (well, most of them anyway) with their fresh new backpacks and school supplies. Teachers will soon be prepping and planning for a new crop of smiling faces, and if we’re honest, most of the parents are happy with a bit of reprieve.

As I soak in the last few days of summer break, my thoughts take me to the many first days of school I’ve had in my own classroom. While most years it has gone smoothly, other years were “less than stellar”, with one thing or another popping up to derail my best laid plans.

Teacher Prep

Whatever kind of first day I had, it set the tone for the rest of the week and beyond, and it usually came down to one thing: preparation (or lack thereof…kind of when I get lazy with my meal prepping routine).

While there is no such thing as “perfect preparation”, the better prepared I was (getting organized, coming in a few days early to get my room together, getting enough rest during that last week of summer), the better the back-to-school experience was for me – AND for my kids.

One important way we can prepare for the big day is with prayer.

What Can We Pray For?

When the back-to-school season arrives, we can pray for ourselves as teachers embarking on all the new challenges we are about to face (especially in light of the mountain of mandates they throw our way every year).

We can pray for our students. After all, they are nervous and excited all at the same time, adjusting to new friends, new routines, and sometimes a new school.

We can also pray for the other teachers and staff on our campuses, so that everyone works together to create a climate for optimal teaching and learning.

I’ve put together 3 short sample prayers, but of course you should pray as you feel led. Save this page and revisit it often, or anytime you feel sucked in by all the craziness the school year brings and feel like you need a reminder of who is really in control. :)

A Teacher’s Back-to-School Prayer:

Lord, thank you for the gift of teaching! Equip me to teach with WISDOM and with TRUTH, and empower me to teach with VISION and with LOVE.  Cover each child, teacher, and school in our nation and bless them abundantly.  Let your light shine through all that I do so that every child knows your unselfish grace.  I pray for leadership, guidance, patience, and strength, as I help my students explore, stretch, achieve, and grow!

back-to-school teacher prayer

A Prayer For our Students:

Lord, thank you for the unique gifts of every child as they transition into a new school year. Fill each student with fresh enthusiasm and a heart that is excited to learn and grow. Cover them with your enduring love, give them confidence and grade, and equip them with the ability to persevere through trials. Bless their teachers with wisdom, understanding, and a heart to serve, as they embark on the journey together! 

back-to-school prayer for students

Prayer For a Child’s Teachers From Their Parent:

Thank you, Lord, for the teachers in my child’s life. I pray for your covering over them as they plan, instruct, counsel, challenge, listen, direct, and serve. Walk with them, and guide them through peace in moments of stress, and enable them to seek an understanding of each child in their care with a kind heart and a discerning spirit. I pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual blessings on the entire school staff, and for strong unity in school-family relationships, so that all children can learn, grow, and thrive!

back-to-school prayer for child's teachers

I hope prayers like these will be a part of your back-to-school prep this year. Have a blessed new school year! Pray these prayers over your new school year and share with a friend!

~ laurie

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12

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