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Beachbody Performance


Big News—Beachbody® has created performance supplements as effective as their workouts!

Introducing the official Sports Nutritional Supplement of the IRONMAN® North America Series:

Beachbody Performance

Beachbody Performance is a performance-enhancing supplement system specifically designed to meet the demands of Beachbody’s world-class workouts. Now, you don’t have to let anything hold you back from getting the results you want – and you DON’T have to be swimming, running, or biking in the IronMan Triathlon to get them.

Beachbody Performance helps you overcome your fitness obstacles, whether it’s low energy, lack of focus, dehydration, exercise-induced muscle soreness, slow recovery, or poor workout performance. With Beachbody Performance, you can push yourself harder and last longer, which means you can get better results from your workouts……faster.


What Makes Beachbody Performance the Best?

Beachbody is committed to getting results. After revolutionizing superfood nutrition with Shakeology, we are determined to revolutionize your workout performance, helping you get the best transformation of your life. Beachbody Performance is the best because it’s:

  • Developed by Harvard-trained scientists using cutting-edge sports science and nutrition research.
  • Formulated with ingredients at clinically effective levels scientifically shown to make a difference in energy, focus, stamina, strength, and recovery.
  • No gimmicky ingredients without proof that they work. Beachbody Performance is backed by evidence-based ingredients shown to help improve performance and recovery.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

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How Does Beachbody Performance Work?

It’s an all-in-one system that can be used together or easily customized depending on your fitness goals or needs.

There are 5 unique formulas, Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine. Each serves a specific purpose, and when used as a system they work together to help get:

  • More energy and endurance
  • Better focus to push harder
  • Less exercise-induced muscle soreness
  • Faster recovery times
The Beachbody Performance system consists of five powder drinks formulated with key ingredients scientifically shown to be effective:
Energize (pre-workout) with key ingredients to help you get more energy, focus, and motivation.
Hydrate (during-workout) works better than just water or sugary sports drinks to boost hydration during workouts, so you can last longer.
Recover (post-workout) with ingredients to help jump-start muscle recovery and combat exercise-induced muscle soreness.
Recharge (nighttime) with ingredients to help accelerate overnight recovery and fight exercise-induced soreness while you sleep, so you wake up ready to work out.
Creatine helps you max out your strength and power, so you can push harder in every workout—that means better results.
Best of all, Beachbody Performance works whether you’re an extreme athlete, a regular exerciser, or just committing to your fitness journey. Ready to take your results to the next level?

SAVE with Performance Stack Combos:



Energy & Muscle Recovery

Power up your performance and get a jump start on recovery with the Performance Stack. It includes two crucial formulas—Energize and Recover—to help give you more energy, sharpen your focus, improve your performance, and speed recovery. With this stack, you’ll be on your way to a better body in no time.*

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Energy, Hydration, & Advanced Muscle Recovery

Get that lean, toned body faster than you ever thought possible with this elite training stack for major body-shaping results. This stack includes 4 formulas so you can shatter your personal limits while helping you charge harder, last longer, perform better, and recover sooner.*

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ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE STACKult-stack-prod-no-swirl_all5

Energy, Hydration, Total Muscle Recovery, & Muscle Building

Unleash your most extreme body breakthrough with the all-in-one system for truly epic muscle-building results. This stack gives you 5 performance supplements for incredible training intensity, strength, endurance, and recovery to help propel your physique to the next level.*

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How about a Beachbody on Demand/Club Performance

Challenge Pack?beachbody-on-demand-performance-pack

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Energize (pre-workout formula)
  2. Recover (post-workout formula)
  3. 90 days of Premium Club membership* (access to all Club benefits including BOD. Note the 90-day membership in the membership price does not include an additional free 30-day trial)

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Beachbody Performance Reviews:

Check out some of the rave reviews from test group participants!

beachbody-program-logos“With Beachbody Performance, I can push myself harder and I’m definitely lifting heavier than I was before.” –Heitor C., Lost 8.5 lbs. and 38% of his body fat using Beachbody Performance and 21 Day Fix EXTREME.†

Energize and Hydrate was what I needed to get through my workouts. Now, I have focus, drive, and determination!” –Alison I. Lost 9.6 lbs. 15.8 % body fat with Beachbody Performance and INSANITY®.†

“I never believed in supplements. But Hydrate is absolutely fabulous. It’s like super powers in the middle of a workout that will help take you to the end!” –Markhum S., Lost 17.5 lbs. and 38% of his body fat using Beachbody Performance and 21 Day Fix EXTREME.†

“I used to be sore all the time, but the Recover shakes definitely help. I can work out more days during the week and not feel sore the next day!” –Beth W., Lost 14 lbs. and 33% of her body fat using Beachbody Performance and 21 Day Fix EXTREME.†

“With Recover and Recharge my muscles aren’t sore during my workouts or after my workouts, and it’s allowing me to sleep better!” –Melissa G., Lost 8.8 lbs. and 19.9% of her body fat with Beachbody Performance and Body Beast.†

Natural ingredients from a company you trust

The goal when creating the Performance Line was simple: produce a collection of supplements that utilizes cutting-edge science as well as plant-based extracts, phytonutrients, and other natural ingredients—all without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. As explained by Michael Wilson, Executive Vice President of R&D, “We certified our Beachbody Product Line to give our customers the added assurance, whether they’re weekend warriors or professional athletes, that the advantage we’re giving them is safe and complies with the highest level of requirements in professional and amateur sports.”

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NOTE: For those already drinking or interested in using Shakeology, it’s perfectly fine to use Beachbody Performance supplements in addition to a daily dose of Shakeology. However, it’s not recommended to mix Shakeology with any of the Performance formulas.

Read the Performance nutrition labels here:



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program or using any supplement or meal replacement product, especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or have any unique or special medical conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

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