The BOD info you need to get started!

Congratulations! You’ve made an amazing decision to start taking steps to better health! Read the instructions below to begin your free 2 week trial. 

Remember, you get a full 14 days, so make the most of this value.
Take advantage of access to the meal plans, the workout schedules,
the sneak peeks to the new releases, and even the daily Challenge de Jour!

Here are the amazing benefits you'll get over the next 14 days:

  • Streaming workouts for 14 days - free of charge
  • Downloadable and customizable nutrition plans
  • Hundreds of different workouts to choose from
  • And a coach (me!) to support you along the way!

As soon as you register, your access begins!

And you'll be linked up with me, for that added support and some extra motivation!

So which workout will you try first? Don't wait!

Your body will LOVE you for it!

mom daughter yoga matRemember, you can cancel at any time before Day 15, so you might want to set a reminder for yourself on your phone or mark your “almost Day 14” date somewhere on your calendar. That way, you can use all the features and give an honest assessment of how you like it, then judge whether or not you’ll keep your membership.

IF after your 14 days are up, you’re still LOVING IT and decide to keep it, you don’t have to do anything. You’ll be charged just $38.87 – not monthly, but every THREE months (less than a cup of Starbucks a week)!

Can’t wait for you to jump in for the next 14 days!
To your success and beyond,  ~ Laurie

UPDATE: Beachbody On Demand also now has new membership plans designed to save you money. CONTACT ME HERE FOR INFORMATION ON EITHER OF THE ANNUAL PLANS

EXISTING MEMBERS: What if I already have a membership? Can I upgrade to get better pricing?
Absolutely! You can upgrade by going to, and simply filling out the form. Beachbody will handle the rest.


Once you’re in, scroll down to find the 3-month plan/14-day trial. Ignore the $39 for now since nothing is charged until day 15. No contracts mean you may cancel any time before that at 1(800) 470-7870.

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