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When was the last time you looked forward to working out?

The end of exercise is coming: Cize is here!

Tired of squats, lunges, push-ups, and boring cardio? Then get ready because you’re about to look forward to workout out again! Shaun T goes back to his dancing roots and teaches us how!

What is Cize?

  • Cize is a four-week dance-based programLaurie_cizecreated by fitness icon Shaun T.
  • Cize is for all fitness levels, all ages, all abilities – even those with “two left feet”
  • Cize workouts range between 35-4o minutes each
  • Cize requires no equipment, just your dancing shoes!

Other Cize FAQs:

Do I have to know choreography?

No. Shaun T will be your personal choreographer. Just follow him and he’ll teach you everything you need to know. With his easy-to-follow cues and motivating personality, you will feel very comfortable getting into the groove.

Is there a meal plan included?

Yes. The “Eat UP!” plan is included with the program, complete with easy-to-prepare recipes that will give you energy to dance your butt off and lean out.

Is there a modifier?

No, but because all the steps are broken down, and taught in progression, you can modify as you need to without missing a beat.

cize app buttonWill the workouts be part of Beachbody on Demand (BOD)?

If you purchase Cize and are a Premium club member, the full program will be available in your BOD Purchased Programs library shortly after its launch on July 20, 2015 (there is a sample workout in the Sneak Peeks section of BOD, right now).

Not a Club member? Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of Beachbody On Demand and you will have access to the 43 minute preview workout, along with 25 other full Beachbody workout programs (and 8 other workout previews). You will need to enter a credit card to get the free trial, but it will not be charged until Day 31. I always recommend setting a reminder on your phone before your trial runs out so you have time to try it out and make a decision before it becomes billable.

But I can’t dance!

Don’t worry, the steps are broken down, building up to a full dance combo. At the end, you’ll get to CIZE IT UP to songs from Shaun’s playlist. You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves that for 35–40 minutes minutes, you’ll forget you’re actually burning calories.

“Don’t say you can’t dance…because anyone can dance…” —Shaun T


What’s the cost and where do I order?

There are different packages available ranging in price from $59 to $180. Click the buttons below for details.


Cize Base Kit



Includes Get Started Guide, Meal Plan, and Calendar. Bonus DVD included when you order from your Coach (me!).



Cize Deluxe Pack



All the basics, plus: Includes extras like weighted arm bands AND the portion controlled color-coded containers from the 21 Day Fix.


Cize Challenge Pack



Save over $70 with this bundle over buying each item separately. Includes 30-day supply of Shakeology and trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club for FREE access to Beachbody on Demand streaming workouts*.


Cize Kickstart Pac



Save $95 with this bundle over buying each item separately. Includes Cize base kit, 30-day supply of Shakeology, trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club for FREE access to Beachbody on Demand streaming workouts + The 3-Day Refresh*.

Forget everything you dread about working out.
Starting today, exercise isn’t a chore, it’s something fun to do!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.02.49 AM

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 10.02.56 AM

With your challenge pack purchase, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group for personalized support and motivation, giving you the greatest potential for successful.

Just input your information using the link below and I will get back with you right away to let you know when the next challenge group begins. You will need to provide proof of purchase, but the group and my coaching is 100% free.

YES, I’d like to apply to the Cize Challenge Group!


30 day guaranteeTry the entire CIZE program—and if you don’t love it, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price (less s&h) by calling 1-800-470-7870. No strings, no questions asked. Think about that. You don’t have to wonder if you’re going to like CIZE or if it’s going to work for you. You get to use the whole program and then decide if you want to keep it!

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning this physically demanding and extreme exercise program and nutrition plan.

Results may vary. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

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