Core de Force Workout Review: Core Kinetics

Core de Force Core Kinetics

The Trainers: Joel Freeman & Jericho McMatthews

The Program:  Since this one is so short and targeted, it is used as a “piggy back” on other workouts over 10 days of the program. You will do Core Kinetics on days 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 26, 27, 29, and 30.

The Time: Core Kinetics is 16 minutes long, and you’ll be doing 7 moves, each about a minute long, then repeating the cycle and adding a “bonus burnout move” in at the very end.

The Equipment: NONE. NO equipment required.

The Meal Plan: Here is a sample meal plan that is very close to what I am eating weekly while doing Core de Force (Click here to download/print).


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The Moves:

Core Kinetics Move #1

core kinetics move 1

DOUBLE LEG EXTENSION – On your back and with both feet together, bring knees to chest, raise them while extending out and down to the floor. Repeat until it’s time for the next move.

Form tip: As your abs get stronger, you’ll be able to do this with very little sway in your back. Try not to use momentum to swing your legs back up. If you need to modify, you can tap your feet on the ground briefly.

Core Kinetics Round #2 

HORIZONTAL LEG CHECK – In a plank position, alternate knees to shoulders, and continue for as long as you can for the minute.

Form-tip: Keep your back straight, hips square and butt down (as best you can). :)

Core Kinetics Round #3 

core kinetics move 3

ALTERNATING TRIANGLE LIFT – On your back, raise your right leg 90 degrees and hook the left foot behind the knee while you use your lower abs to lift up your hips. Repeat on the left side, alternating until the time is up. 

Form-tip: Try not to use momentum to swing your legs, but rather lift to the ceiling using your abdominal muscles. You can also use your hand and arms at your sides for support. Don’t worry if you only raise your hips a little at first – by the end of day 30 you’ll see a huge difference in this one!

Core Kinetics Round #4

HIP DIPS –  Back in a low plank position, turn your torso to alternate dipping your left, then right hip toward the floor.

Form-tip:  Keep your butt down and back as flat as you can to avoid injury. 

Core Kinetics Round #5

core kinetics move 5

ALTERNATING PUSH KICKS – On your back and leaning up on your elbows do sort of a bicycle kick, but more of a push, than a circular motion, keeping the bottom of your feet at a 90 degree angle with the floor. You’ll stay with each leg for 25 seconds before switching.

Form-tip: Focus on using your abs to raise and kick each leg. Keep lower back flat on the floor, even if it means a shorter range of motion.

Core Kinetics Round #6

HIP ESCAPE TOE TAP – In a bear stance, begin with hands and toes touching the ground and knees bent and raised off the floor. Keeping your stance, rotate your hips so that you can pull one leg through to the opposing side. Tap your toe to the opposite hand, alternating sides. 

Form-tip: Keep your abs engaged and hips low as you pull your leg through. This is a challenging move, so if you feel you want to modify, just bring your knee through and tap the knee or shoulder instead of your toe.

Core Kinetics Round #7 

core kinetics move 7

GUARDED SQUARE UP – On your back, get into a boxer’s stance. Use your core to lift your shoulders up to the right side, then center, then left, then back down. Repeat going the other way, and alternate for the full minute.

Form-tip: Focus on making deliberate motions with your torso, and envision chiseling away at that six-pack! 

Repeat Moves #1-7, then get ready for the Bonus Move…  the 1 Minute Plank Challenge (or at least as long as you can stay up)! :)

And at last, the COOLDOWN & STRETCH!

The Core Kinetics workout is a great compliment to either MMA Shred, MMA Power or MMA Plyo. You could even do it as a stand-alone on a “rest day” or with another program altogether. Either way, it will enhance your workout by giving you a well-rounded ab routine to include in your repertoire.

Want the run down on all the other Core de Force workouts? Get back to the CDF info page by clicking here, or if you’re ready to accept the challenge, shop for the complete Core de Force Program here.

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