Workout Review: Core de Force MMA SPEED

Core de Force MMA SPEED

Welcome to my review of Core de Force MMA SPEED. It’s DAY ONE of the program (you’ll see it again on Day 3 & 26), and this is also the one that was available as a “sneak peek” for anyone who was a Beachbody on Demand subscriber in November during the pre-launch, so some of you may have seen it already.

MMA Speed works mainly the upper body. It is core-focused, and very boxing-like. Lots of jabs, uppercuts and various combinations that are added on with each round!

I tried it myself during the sneak peek and loved how challenging it was – not so much physically (although it was a challenge), but MENTALLY, too. I had to pause and repeat the demos a few times. You’ll see on the video that there are (as usual) times where I can’t help but laugh at myself… :). I remember the same feeling when I did Focus T25. Don’t worry. Over time, you’ll get it. 

MMA speed workout review core de force So what does this mean? Well, one, that I have room to improve, and two, that if I can get it down (which I did by the end of the workout) anyone can!

After the warm up, you’ll go for 6 three-minute rounds, and each exercise within the round is followed by a “spike” that raises your heart rate. You then repeat that sequence and move to the next round. Of course, then comes the cool down, which you really shouldn’t skip (I’m so guilty of this!). Total workout time is 27 minutes.

The Moves:

Round 1
Jab cross roll back roll front /  (SPIKE: high knee jump rope)
Repeat the combination and the spike

Round 2
Rear knee, switch knee / (SPIKE: up/down, jap, cross)
Repeat the combination and the spike

Round 3
Cross, hook, right knee, switch knee / (SPIKE: up/down hooks)
Repeat the combination and the spike

Round 4
Forward uppercut, rear uppercut, hook, roll forward, roll back / (SPIKE: rotating uppercuts)
During this spike I was having Shaun t flashbacks, ha!
Repeat the combination and the spike

After Round 4, you’ll get a short water break :)

Round 5
Cross, hook, right knee, double jab, cross / (SPIKE: roll, jump, roll, jump)
Repeat the combination and the spike

Then be happy – you’ve earned another break, because Round 6 is a tough one!

Round 6
Right uppercut, hook, cross, switch knee / (SPIKE: ground to fighter stance)
Repeat the combination and the spike – this one was will have you gasping for air. I modified quite a bit and hope to work up to better form/stamina as I go through the program!

Then, at last, the COOLDOWN!

 Some Technique Tips:

  • Your weight distribution matters. Once you get the hang of it, it should come naturally, but in the beginning there will be times when you feel like you’re too much on your heels and can’t help but “tip over”.
  • Don’t rush
  • Get the form down first, then add power. In my video it might appear like it looks “easy”. This is because I was learning the combinations as I filmed it, and because it was day one. Day 30 will look a whole lot different.

Ok, gang, that’s MMA SPEED in a nutshell!

As Joel and Jerricho always say, you gotta “fight for it”…”until the bell rings!”

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