Workout Review: Core de Force Power Sculpt

Core de Force Power Sculpt

Power Sculpt was a great one! Only 37 minutes long and LOTS of moves to strengthen your core and define your muscles. I guess that’s the reason for the name Power Sculpt…

Anyway, this workout is done at least one day a week in the 30-day program. In month one you’ll do it on Day 4, 9, 18 & 23. The structure goes like this: 9 three-minute rounds, 3 moves each. Everything is times and the intervals get smaller (as the moves get harder). Each round, you’ll do the first move for 60 seconds, the second for 45 seconds, and the final move in each round will be 35 seconds.

The Moves:

Round 1
(60 sec) Hip Drive Through (60 seconds). Thankfully, there is a full minute with this one and speed is not an issue, because it took me some time to get this one right. Joel’s tips: get low, keep your guard up, use your bottom leg to push yourself up.
(45 sec) Jumping Firefly Push-Up (45 seconds). This was a hard move, so know that modification is on your knees, and that’s where I was a lot! lol. Tips: keep your chest low to load up the shoulders. and drive through the legs.
(35 sec) Half Monkey Circle to Guard (for 35 seconds) – quad killer!

Round 2
(60 sec) Switch Roundhouse Kick – be careful your planted foot is indeed planted! As you can see from the video, I’m still getting used to it!
(45 sec) Ground to Fighter Stance – like a modified burpee, but much more focused and controlled
(35 sec) Low Stance Switch – another quad burner!

They give you a (short) break as they explain the next move…push pause if you need. :)

Round 3
(60 sec) Ginga Hop for a SLOW 60 seconds. In this one, your back knee bends to the floor as you push off from side to side. Keep your chest up and try to stay balanced – not crossing your feet helps!
(45 sec) Alternating Clinch Knees – I felt like a fighter with this one – it was fun! Do it quickly and you’ll look like you’re doing the “running man”.
(35 sec) Triple Alligator Push-Up. Loved this one. I actually felt athletic! ;)

Round 4
(60 sec) Roll Jumps – a good breather between all the other tough moves
(45 sec) Plank Skaters – start in bear stance, shins parallel to floor, tap opposite foot behind you on the diagonal. Continue for 45 seconds! (modification: same move on knees)
(35 sec) Half Superman Push-Up (knees to modify)

core de force power sculpt review

Ready to do the whole thing again? In rounds 5-8 that’s what you’ll do, but now you can really master the moves. I noticed even though I was tired, my form was better, BUT I did end up modifying a little more. Something to work up to, I guess.

Round 5
Hip Drive Through
Jumping Firefly Push-Up
Half Monkey Circle to Guard

If you’ve been modifying the whole time, Joel & Jericho encourage you to do a couple reps at full form to push through and see what you can do (Jessica, the modifier, rocks, by the way).

Round 6
Switch Roundhouse Kick (on non-dominant side this time)
Ground to Fighter Stance
Low Stance Switch

Round 7
Gina Hop (by this time I was 100% winded and red-faced!)
Alternating Clinch Knees
Triple Alligator Push-Up

Round 8
Roll Jumps
Plank Skaters
Half Superman Push-Up

Round 9 (Bonus Round – no breaks)
L Reverse Lunge, Clinch Knee
Push-Up, Leg Check
Guarded Squat, Squat Jump

And finally… THE COOLDOWN!

All in all, this Power Sculpt workout was fun, it went by pretty quickly, and there is a lot of room to “grow” with it, meaning I can see myself modifying down on some of the moves, and I can easily see how I could level it up a bit by using more power and force in my kicks, lunges, and punches.

As Joel and Jerricho always say, you gotta “fight for it”…”until the bell rings!”

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