Workout Review: Core de Force Dynamic Strength

Core de Force Dynamic Strength

Dynamic Strength will come up a LOT in the 30 days of Core de Force, so get ready! You’ll see it on days 6, 11, 16, 20, and 25.  It’s 47 minutes long so you’ll need to allow some time for this one, but your time will be well worth it.

The workout is done in 12 three-minute rounds at 3 moves each round. You will totally feel your upper body, lower body, and in fact a whole lot of your WHOLE body working! It’s not at all about speed with this one, but everything to do with form.

Modifications and Breaks?

Don’t worry, modifier Jessica gives lots of alternative options so you can still complete the move without stopping your workout if it gets too difficult.

There are no real “designated” breaks I could see, but they do suggest taking your own break when you need to for water – and there is some down time in between, as they explain the next move. Like all the CDF workouts, you will begin with a 2-min. warmup, then dive right in!

The Moves:

Round 1
Inchworm Push-up
Bridge Reachover 
(lie on back, bridge position, lift up and raise opposite arm on the diagonal)
Right Single Leg Balance with Kick (a really slow move  – works your balance – you may need a chair or the wall next to you. It also helps to focus your eyes on something ahead of you in the room that’s not moving!)

Round 2
Scissor Push-up 
Sumo Squat with Leg Check (great for obliques, quads, and glutes)
Left Single Leg Balance with Kick  (like in round one, but opposite leg)

Round 3
Walking Split Push-up Triple Alligator Push-Up (like basic staggered push-ups. Modifier was doing same move on her knees)
Circular Sit Uppercut (like on Rocky!)
Balanced Repeating Side Kick, Tap Down (great for balance)

Round 4
Push-up to Knee Hip Escape (this was one of the hardest moves for me – modifier did knee push-ups alternating touching her opposite shoulders with her hands)
Floating Starfish (like superman, but alternating opposite arm and leg w/wider stance)
Balanced Repeating Side Kick, Tap Down (other side – Jericho was incredible at this!)

Round 5
Triple Wide Push-up (tricep, regular, wide pushups) core de force dynamic strength
Left Reverse Lunge with Twist
Alternating Side Plank (modifier stayed in modified plank)

Round 6
Sphinx Blasters (tricep pushup, inch back, inch forward, push-up – modifier did alternating forearm plank)
Right Reverse Lunch w/Twist
Sit-up Escape

Round 7
Inchworm Push-up with Alternate Leg Lift (a progression from the one from round 1)
Bridge Reacher with Heel Lift
Right Single Leg Balance with Kick

Round 8
Scissor Push-up with Floating Leg (super challenging)
Sumo Squat with Leg Check
Left Single Leg Balance with Kick

Round 9
Walking Split Push-up with Leg Lift
Circular Sit Uppercut, Hook
Balanced Repeating Side Kick

Round 10
Push-up to Hip Escape, Toe Tap (the most difficult move of all!)
Floating Starfish (seems relaxing compared to the one right before it)
Balanced Repeating Side Kick

Round 11
Triple Wide Push-up
Left Reverse Lunge with Twist
Alternating Side Plank with Leg Lift (modify: hold an elbow plank)

Round 12
Sphinx Blasters on Toes (modifier: plank up-downs)
Right Reverse Lunge with Twist
Sit-up Escape

And at the end everyone was just lying on the floor on their backs! 

3 min cool down and you’re done!

As Joel and Jerricho always say, you gotta “fight for it”…”until the bell rings!”

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