Congratulations on making the decision to finally find FOOD FREEDOM!

I created the #FOODFREEDOM mini-course after realizing I was finally ready to break free from food bondage for good (SUGAR was my nemesis)! I felt powerless and sick (literally) and knew I was made for more.

After hitting a low point, I knew God’s Word could help me depend less on me and more on Him, and I found so much scripture to help remind me of just that! My hope is that this series will help you realize that even through your struggle, you can feel encouraged to know that you, too, can become an overcomer. You can have #FOODFREEDOM!

I’d love to share the videos in this seven-day series (I call them the Seven Baby Steps) with you. They’re FREE! Just click to sign up!

laurie yogi

What would freedom feel like for you?