Happy Mother’s Day to the Single Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the single moms out there!

A note to you, my single mom friends:

There is no doubt there are days when you seriously question whether you are “good enough”, especially as a single mom. This feeling tends to amplify itself on Mother’s Day – at least for me it does! This year marks my ninth single-mother’s day, and while every moment isn’t perfect, we have many perfect moments. That alone, is reason to celebrate!

Yes, nobody is perfect, but you are the perfect mother of your children. Whether you feel like it or not, you are your children’s superhero. They were selected by God, especially for you!

It’s hard enough raising kids together with your spouse, but doing it alone there are MANY days where you feel stressed, inadequate, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, and well, just plain tired. When you’re a single mom, Mother’s Day is not always a happy time, and it doesn’t necessarily come with all the “perks” moms in two-parent households might have. We don’t get to feel special when our hubby’s surprise delivery of a dozen roses arrives, we may not get breakfast in bed, and if our kids are young, they might not even know the day’s significance, so it ends up being just another Sunday full of laundry piles and dirty dishes.

Try not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t get that recognition you see all your friends experiencing as you scroll through their social media pages. In fact, let’s reject that pity party right now and replace it with some worthy praise for you, for a job well done! So leave the laundry and dishes for another day, and read my list of WHY YOU ARE SO AWESOME. Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey, single mom, YOU are awesome (and here’s why):

  1. You are one person, doing a two-person job.
  2. You make sacrifices most people don’t (and may not ever) understand.
  3. You DON’T throw in the towel when life gets hard.
  4. You get the privilege of being the bad cop AND the good cop.
  5. You are a role model of strength and independence.
  6. You are a superhero to your kids, influencing their values, behaviors, and life skills.
  7. You teach your children to endure struggle, and shape them into resilient little humans.
  8. You save money and live on less, demonstrating financial responsibility to your children.
  9. Your house may not look like Pinterest (just yet), but you know how to paint, repair, caulk, and build things that many of your friends rely on someone else to do.
  10. You are skilled at making your kids feel safe, wanted, and loved.

So, my single mom friend, take things one day at a time, one crisis at a time, and one wonderful memory, laugh, success and triumph at a time. Before you know it, even the hardest of days becomes a string of moments you and your children will cherish forever. Single-mommyhood is a messy, beautiful life that doesn’t always seem perfect, but is always teaching me about myself, how to grow stronger in my faith, and how to be more of a blessing to my children. I hope that you realize you are a blessing to yours.

So here’s to you, single mama, on this and every Mother’s Day until the end of your days. In honor of you and moms everywhere, you are enough.

Listen to this rendition of “Mom”, performed by Garth Brooks.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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