Why You Need a Jiminy Cricket (and where to look if you don’t have one)

photo-credit-%22push-for-help%22-2006-johnathan-nightingale-flickrHave you ever felt it?

The state of tension we experience when we know we want to change but feel powerless over our actions? When we know something is just not right, and worse, we are unable (or unwilling) to do much about it? We make excuses, rationalizing our way out, then feel the guilt we brought on ourselves.

Whether it’s battling weight loss, debt trouble, addiction, relationship issues, you name it, people have made excuses for not being in the place they’d like to be. If only we had a little Jiminy Cricket who could have seen it all coming, and slapped some sense into us before it was too late!

Jiminy Cricket

Give a little whistle!

If you’ve seen Disney’s Pinocchio, you may remember Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio’s little friend who told him to “give a little whistle” whenever he was faced with temptation, and to “let his conscience be his guide”.

Imagine how reassuring it would be if we all had our own Jiminy Cricket! He could follow us around and be there when we whistled, to bring us back to reality and remind us of how to stay on the right path.

If Only…

If only I had myself a Jiminy Cricket, he would have been right there with me when I made the choice (on more than one occasion) to grab a bowl of cereal (or two) at 10:30 at night for no good reason.

He could have stopped me from watching so much late night TV that I couldn’t wake up to get my morning workout in.

He could have stopped me from disengaging from the friends and co-workers when my step-dad died and I had to suddenly take care of two households while working 10 hours a day.

But of course I don’t live in an animated cartoon world, so what’s a girl to do? For one thing, she needs to hang up the excuses and get back on track!

family on bikesIt’s like riding a bike!

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I have gone through a transformation of sorts, leaving my former couch-potato (feel-sorry-for-me-I’m-a-single-mom-in-debt-up-to-my-eyeballs) status to become a leaner, healthier version of my old sick, unhealthy self. I’ve successfully overcome great personal challenges and accomplished some huge goals that helped me with some positive changes, both physically and mentally.

By virtue of contagious enthusiasm, I became a Jiminy Cricket to some friends and family, and even some strangers, who I began coaching toward their own goals for health and wellness. But a lifestyle change is like riding a bike. We must keep pedaling or the bike slows down too much, we lose our balance, gravity takes over and all momentum is lost.

Don’t lose the Momentum

Like any lifestyle change, one must keep on “keepin’ on”, and continue to pedal, lest we fall off that proverbial two-wheeler, and fall flat on our faces. I am here to confess, that after some major personal stuff (yes, more!) that happened in my life in the last six months, I have lost my balance, teetered off the bike a bit, and it’s time to get back on and pedal my way to new goals before I fall off (again)!

So rather than complain about not having my own little cartoon companion who will keep me in line, I thought about it and realized that all of us probably do have our own personal Jiminy Cricket, if we choose to acknowledge it. You see, our Jiminy Cricket may come in many forms. I bet you have one and may not even realize it until you really think about it. So let’s take a moment…

Who can you rely on to support your alignment with your beliefs, dreams, principles, and goals? A friend? A co-worker? A mentor?  Your kids?  Your mom? God?

Who will come when you whistle? Look around, open yourself up, and whoever it is, keep them close, don’t forget to listen, and always, always, get back on your bike and ride!


Who/What keeps you on track and acts as your Jiminy Cricket?

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