October Unprocessed Challenge: Un-Super Size Me

unprocessed challenge: un-super size me

Anyone remember the film Super Size Me?

It was a thought-provoking documentary that followed filmmaker Morgan Spurlock’s 30-day experiment of eating only fast food from McDonald’s, morning, noon, and night.

He ate 3 meals a day from the fast food chain, eating every item on the menu at least once. No offense to McD’s, but they are pretty much the antithesis of unprocessed.

By the end of the 30 days, Spurlock had gained 13% body mass and 24.5 pounds (9.5 lbs in the first five days!), experienced physical and psychological illness, and it took a concerted effort for the next 14 months to reverse the weight gain. That’s over one year to reverse the damage he’d done!

People who watched it were grossed out, at least temporarily. I say temporarily because I was one of them.

My Unprocessed Journey

Back in 2004 when Super Size Me came out, my own nutrition plan (or lack of one) wasn’t as bad as a 3-McDonald’s-meal-per-day habit, but I’m ashamed to say it was pretty darn close.

I was at my heaviest weight of my life, very depressed, moody, suffered from migraines, and ALWAYS getting sick.

I knew in my head I was not doing myself, or my family, any favors with my lifestyle. Only now as I look back, can I connect the dots and realize that my nutrition had played such a large role in my physical and emotional destruction.


In 2010 I had finally had enough. I was sick and tired. Of hiding behind baggy clothes. Of binging and then concealing empty fast food bags and Twix wrappers eaten in the car. Of buying new clothes every time I needed another size. Of being sick and tired.

Turning it around

Physically, I found a way to finally get excited to workout again, with Shaun T’s Insanity and Tony Horton’s P90X. I dropped most of the weight after a couple of rounds, which was a huge accomplishment for me. In 2011 I entered a weight loss challenge with my coworkers and we won $1000. Another success! Still, I’m only human, and I slip up. Sometimes a lot. Ugh…

The Challenge

I am finally on track with good workout habits. But the “clean eating” part is a daily struggle. You know how it is, you do well for a while, then life gets crazy and sometimes it’s so much EASIER to get LAZY and grab food on the go and chomp it down before thinking about it.

Then comes the guilt.

And the realization that as a healthy lifestyle coach and blogger, I will be a hypocrite to my own challenge groups and clients, if I don’t own up.

So here I am. Continuing on my journey. I can say that I am a thousand times better than I used to be, but like I said, I’m human, and like a lot of people who I coach, what tends to help me stay on the right path is accountability.

That’s why I was so excited when a friend of mine shared the October #unprocessed challenge with me.

She found it on Facebook, and what better accountability than proclaiming I’m in a food challenge to MY Facebook friends, putting it out there in public for all to see?

So tonight I posted my first goal for my October #unprocessed plan. No food that comes from a box or bag. One week at a time.

unprocessed fb posts

Just from my first post, I can see I’m lucky to have lots of cheerleaders!

If I am going to have long-term success, I will have to enlist a long-term plan, and that means a better lifestyle. So after I make my first week’s goal, I will progressively challenge myself to move forward to the next one (which I kind of haven’t decided on yet, but I still have a few days).

Baby Steps through Unprocessed October

There’s s a bunch of people who’ve done the October Unprocessed thing before, as I can tell by reading through the site where we found it www.eatingrules.com. I am hoping they can help me with ideas for recipes and give me encouragement as the month rolls on. I’m gonna start small and work my way into as fully unprocessed as I can get in the month. I will definitely need all the help I can get!

UN-Super Size Me!

So here I go, embarking on my “UN-Super Size Me” adventure. Follow along as I share my month of clean, unprocessed eating with the world.

I would so love for you to join me (as a supporter or participant – you can set your own goals, too)! Come visit my Facebook page to let me know you’re out there.

Thanks in advance!




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