Is 30 minutes really enough?

P90X3 Review

If you’ve been following any of the latest in fitness news these days, you’ve heard Tony Horton has released his newest program, P90X3. I decided to give it a try and give an honest review of each of the DVDs in the package here on this page.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I am a Beachbody Coach, which means I get to buy mine at a discount, and although it would be cool if you bought one from me, too, I am not here to push anyone into something that is not right for them. So read the reviews (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and watch some of the video clips, then make up your own mind. If you have questions, please comment below or connect with me on Facebook. If it helps you to be a part of a group of people all trying it out together, I have online challenge groups monthly, where you can get awesome support and accountability.

The Reviews:

Click on any one of the links below for a short P90X3 review/description and video clip of each workout. If you want to more updates on this or other new workouts coming out soon, fill out the form to subscribe, at the bottom of this page.

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Is 30 minutes really enough time to get a good workout in and change your body? Being that I am still at the beginning, we will have to see about that, but I do know people who were in the test group who got amazing results, so I’m going a little on faith there. P90X3 claims that according to research, the best effects of exercise are felt in the first 30 minutes. Let’s hope that research works on me. :)


So here is the “good”, “bad” and the “ugly”…

The good:

The best part about this workout is the TIME. I’m a busy mom, so not having a home workout that I can do in the mornings or right after work is a plus for me. Of course, P90X3 is a Beachbody workout, so it’s made by some of the best in the business. It’s designed to be done at home with little to no equipment. Once you buy it, there is no additional cost involved. The moves are fun, dynamic,and involve multiple muscle groups.

The bad:

Some people don’t really like Tony Horton’s cheesy jokes (I don’t mind it that much), so I guess that could be a drawback. There is actually a setting where you can follow along on silent, with just the on-screen music, or play music of your own in the background.

The “ugly”:

People have told me they get discouraged because they see the people on the DVD as super fit beasts, and here we are in “real life” as regular Joes – striving to lift our legs high, straighten our knees, and just basically keep up.

I’m living proof that even if it feels “ugly”, who cares? Staying consistent will eventually bring you to a point where your form will improve, so don’t sweat it  – as Tony says, “Do your best and forget the rest”… and besides, if you want to feel better about YOUR form, just take a look at my video reviews and I’m sure you’ll tell yourself that if that 40-something-year-old can do it, so can you!

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P.S. The new Core de Force program is here! Read my reviews of that one here (includes more videos)! CORE DE FORCE REVIEWS

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6 thoughts on “P90X3 Review – Is 30 minutes really enough?”

  1. Hi,

    I just started P90x3 (second week), I was in very good shape about three months ago, then got married, honeymoon and then the holidays came around and although I did not gain too much (7 pounds), I noticed that my lower belly is there again, when three months ago it wasn’t! I consider myself to be at a good weight, but I have always have that lower belly. Do you think that by doing P90x3 is enough to get ride of lower belly fat? Or should I incorporate some cardio (running) into my routine? Also, do you think I should take a protein shake everyday, sometimes with the yoga and such I don’t feel like I need it, what’s your opinion on it.

    Just for reference, I am 5’5 and 110 pounds, 25 years old.

    1. Hi Paola, and thanks for your question. Congratulations on your wedding! I have noticed that I’ve lost about 1 inch on my lower belly (my “pooch”, as I call it) so far since I’ve started P90X3 (in week 3), but honestly, like they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen”… meaning, it’s just as important, if not more, to watch your nutrition. Are you following the meal plan for P90X3? Maybe also take a look at portion control – even good healthy food is not so good if we eat too much.

      As far as a protein shake, I don’t know how much pure protein would do to “shrink” your targeted area (and realistically, we cannot target specific body parts anyway), but I take Shakeology every day and have seen great results with it (reduced my cravings, no more migraines, lots of energy to get through the workouts, etc). Shakeology isn’t really strictly protein, but a meal replacement with a ton of “superfoods” in it. Feel free to browse the rest of my site for more info. Do you have a coach to help you with all this?

      Hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. May I ask why you are doing the lean version? I am having trouble deciding between the classic and the lean. I want to get rid of my stubborn belly fat. I have done 2 rounds of insanity and one of focus t25.

    1. You sound just like me – Insanity and T25, too! I took a break due to an injury and gained a few pounds back, and thought I might try the Lean to get a kick start in losing some body fat. It’s funny you should ask though, because just last night I decided that I am switching to Classic. Tony says start there anyway, and who am I to argue with him? lol, so yup, tomorrow I’ll change over.. hoping to gain more muscle, which will rev up the metabolism anyway. Besides, my challenge group peeps are mostly all on Classic and it will be more fun staying on the same schedule. Let me know what you decide!

  3. Hi Rafaela!
    Thanks for your comments – they are sure to encourage someone else out there! I agree about the yoga – love that it’s 30 minutes, but that you still get a good sweat going. As for Tony’s jokes… sometimes silly, sometimes corny, but still motivating for me just the same.
    Keep pushing play! If you send me your email, I’ll invite you to our private FB group full of P90X-ers.. most first timers… all fun and encouraging. :)
    ~ Laurie

  4. I soon will finish my first week with p90x3 and to be honest – it is super fun and refreshing! Today I did Yoga and CVX (I’m on my holidays and had plenty of time to do them both) and the both workouts (one yoga of course, the other a mixture of cardio with weights) were great and they made me sweat. I actually burned around 170 calories with the yoga routine, and almost 450 calories with the CVX routine! And thats all in just 30 minutes!

    What I also really liked about the workouts – you get some breaks here and there! And Tony is a joker deluxe – he made me smile with his silly comments once in a while :P

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about P90x3 – I’m looking forward to your final conclusion on the program!
    ~ Rafaela

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