P90X3 Support With a Little Help From My Friends

P90X3 support help from friends

Today I am officially on Day 30 of (my 2nd attempt at) P90X3.

Yes, I’ve tried this before. I actually gave up the first time, right around month 2, after I let an injury be my excuse for, um… well, just slacking off.

Negative Momentum

After my injury, my workouts got sporadic, and to be honest, I got really lazy and lost motivation. Negative momentum got the best of me and every day I argued with that voice in my head who said it was OK to “take a break” – again. And again.

I continued to workout, when I could “find the time”, but I definitely wasn’t giving my 100%. I knew if I didn’t snap out of it, my old habits would come back and start to take a toll on my health. Those old habits included several bouts with binge-eating and literally putting myself on the very bottom on my priority list. It was like watching myself in a movie, and shouting at the screen from the theater seat, but with no one hearing me. Eventually the great results I initially saw when I first completed Insanity were becoming a faded memory.

Until one day when one of my challengers messaged me.

This challenger had amazing results with T25 and she was back for more, asking me when the next group would be starting. I was so proud of her! To be honest, I saw a little of myself in her. I wanted that version of myself back again. I wanted not only the outside of my body to look better, but I wanted to FEEL better on the inside again – no more shouting at the movie screen for me!

That simple message from a former challenger is a clear testament to the power of our online groups – not only for the challengers, but for the leader, as well! She wanted to know if I was planning on creating a group for P90X3 support and when it would be starting. Because she was ready. I had a decision to make, whether I was ready, too.

Sometimes you just have to be ready.

Was this message from my challenger “divine intervention” for me? Call it what you want, but whatever it was, I needed it. My half-hearted fitness, as it had become lately, just wasn’t working (yes, even as coaches, we still need support). I was ready to up my game again, thanks to a little text that gave me the nudge.

I put a another small group together and we were off! The difference this time? I’m not doing it alone. I am thankful for my group of challengers, and I am thankful for the highs and lows in life. Because without the lows, sometimes we can’t appreciate the highs.

P90X3 Support: “Take 2”

So I took another before photo, put ME back on my schedule, started going to bed earlier and began waking up at 4:45 am for my workouts. It felt good to have a plan again. It felt good to have a purpose again, and find my motivation again – in turn helping to motivate others.

It felt GREAT to be back in control.

We all live in different cities, but “meet” each morning and sometimes evenings in our Facebook challenge group for selfies, shoutouts, celebrations, stories, and accountability. We laugh, we call each other out, and we complain about our sore muscles. It’s been as helpful for me as it has been for them. And it’s what’s made all the difference for me this time around. I have 100% confidence I will push play all the way through until day 90.

So thank you to my workout buddies in this group, in past groups, and in those who will join in the future for more P90X3 support, or maybe some 21 Day Fix, PiYo, T25, or whatever we decide to do next. Call it a challenge group, a support group, an accountability group, or all of the above. All I know is being in (and leading) one has been a game changer for me.

Just start where you are.

Ask anyone, and I am sure we would all say we’d love to be healthy and fit, but too many people either think that it’s not possible for them, or they fizzle out when it gets tough, or “life gets in the way”. Everyone starts at the beginning, so find your beginning and take it slow, but take it forward. It takes a decision and it takes a willingness to push ourselves, and to LOVE ourselves more than we love the immediate gratification of the unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s not easy. We will fail sometimes. But it’s only a failure if we stop there. If that’s where you are, I’m here to tell you that you can get back up and start again. Find a reason, find what’s important to you, find some friends to support you, and go get it!

To your success and beyond,

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