P90X3 What's in the Box

P90X3 Workout – What’s in the Box?

p90X workout hat thumbs upMy P90X3 workout is here!

My box arrived in the mail today with the new Tony Horton P90X3 workout in it. Wondering what’s in the box? Check out my “reveal” video at the bottom of the page. I am also reviewing each workout in the set individually, with my opinion on the “good” and “not so good” points, along with some video clips (find those reviews here). I can’t wait to start this!

So what’s in the box?

The Base Kit comes with:

  • 16 workouts on 8 DVDs
    • Total Synergistics
    • The Challenge
    • Incinerator
    • Eccentric Upper
    • Eccentric Lower
    • The Warrior
    • Agility X
    • Triometrix
    • Decelerator
    • X3 Yoga
    • Pilates X
    • Isometrix
    • Dynamix
    • CVX
    • MMX
    • Accelerator
    • Free Bonus Workout: On One Leg
    • PLUS an intro DVD: How to Accelerate
  • Fitness & Nutrition Guide
  • B-Lines Resistance Band
  • Workout Calendar
    • 90 days broken up into 3 training blocks
    • 4 possible tracks (Classic, Lean, Mass, or Doubles)
  • Instructions on entering the Beachbody Challenge
  • Instructions for how to take ideal “before” and “after” photos
  • Instructions for how to claim a free P90X3 “Crushed it” t-shirt
  • Online support from the Beachbody Coach assigned to you when you make the purchase
  • P90X3 baseball cap – (December 2013 only)

If you ordered the Deluxe Kit (this is the one I got):

  • Additional DVD with 3 more workouts
    • Complex Upper
    • Complex Lower
    • X3 Ab Ripper
  • A set of 3 resistance bands
  • A month’s supply of Beachbody Performance Energize (1 mo. supply)
  • The Elite Block workout calendar

Both packages come with a 90-day money back guarantee.

The good:

I feel like it’s Christmas! In fact, I received my order on December 20th, so it kind of was Christmas in my house. I feel like I got a lot for my money, and it was worth paying the extra for the Deluxe Kit, for the E & E, the resistance bands, and the extra workouts.

The not so good:

I wish that Ab Ripper was a part of the Basic package. I have read people’s comments on Facebook complaining about it, and the answer I heard was that Beachbody/Tony Horton wanted to keep the integrity of the 30 minutes – and by adding Ab Ripper to the end of one of the DVDs, it would stretch that day’s routine to 45 minutes. Still, it would have been nice to decide for myself.

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Here is my video of the official unboxing”unboxing” of my new P90X3:
(If your browser has trouble showing the video, you can also find it here)

Use the links below to buy P90X3 now and try it for yourself: 

The Base P90X3 Kit – Order now for $119.85
The Deluxe P90X3 Kit – Order now for $239.70
The Ultimate P90X3 Kit – Order now for $329.55

NEW IN 2017!

If you want to be able to STREAM P90X3 and ALL the other workout programs for one year, there is now an All-Access Pass subscription available. You’ll get not only one workout, but access to a digital library every program Beachbody has come out with so far (Core de Force, P90X, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Focus T25, Insanity, PiYo, Turbo Fire… and just well, ALL of them) as well the ones about to be released this year.

It’s only $99 (LESS than the P90X3 DVD versions), or $199 if you want your first month of Shakeology with it. All-Access comes with the downloadable workout calendars and menu guides, too (just no DVDs to fumble with).

This offer is only for a limited time, so click the link below to learn more about it and to reserve your All-Access Pass before the price goes up!

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P.S. The new Core de Force program is here! Read my reviews of that one here (includes more videos)!

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To your success and beyond,

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2 thoughts on “P90X3 Workout – What’s in the Box?”

  1. In reference to Ab Ripper X not being included. Tony stated so many of the workouts engage the core so adding Ab Ripper X to routines would be redundant. Which is why Ripper X was not included and sold separately. ~Todd

    1. Hi Todd,
      Yes, now that I’ve done a few of the workouts, I see what you mean! There’s core work in all of it! Thanks for your comment. :)

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