The Quick Fix You Really Need for Weight Loss

quick fix weight loss

You don’t have to go far to find a quick fix pitch.

We’ve all seen advertisements, and might even have good friends or family members who try to convince us that their latest quick fix is THE ONE we need to solve all our problems and make our dreams come true. While some are legit, others are band-aid solutions at best.

Band-Aid: The get-skinny-fast diet, where you “cleanse” your body drinking crazy concoctions (that actually harm your liver and mess up your metabolism).

Legit: Drinking water, eating real foods, and exercising to gain better, long-lasting health.

Band-Aid:  The clean-up-your-credit-fast strategy of calling the credit card company to request an increase in your limit so your debt to credit ratio appears larger (newsflash – you’re still in the hole, and only digging yourself deeper).

Legit:  Getting on a written plan to pay down debt by sacrificing today so you can enjoy more tomorrow.

There is one common denominator when it comes to REAL quick fixes. They require real WORK and real COMMITMENT (and, sorry to say, they may not always be quick).

Success stories are awesome

Look around you. Every day we see examples of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things – busting through plateaus, “glass ceilings”, and personal goals – some despite unbelievable challenges. Those success stories are awesome, feel-good-moments of triumph! Why? Because we know how challenging it is to actually achieve them and actually WIN.

We can dream of the promises that come with the quick fix, or we can do something about it, taking action that brings lasting results. We can dream of a better marriage, better finances, a new job, or better health, but we are nothing but the sum of our hard work and commitment. Little pieces of “quick fixes” done each day all add up.

But that’s hard! That might take sacrifice!

Yes, it is, and sometimes it does, but that’s what makes you a winner.

To win we must meet the challenge. To win we must resist the urge to give in to the promise of the quick fix. To win we must refuse to be distracted.

The only way around is through. – Robert Frost

See your vision and know your WHY so clearly that you will do whatever it takes to commit to the work. Surround yourself with like-minded people who bring light into your world, and shut out the haters and naysayers – all the while pursuing your dream – and getting closer to reaching it each day.

Through it all, maybe you’ll begin to see that what you long for is not a quick fix at all, but the ability to endure through your challenges and commit to the action it will take to get the results you seek. As you begin to win with your goals, shine your light on others, and who knows how many people will be influenced because of your story.

The real solution

So the next time you hear of a quick fix “solution”, ask yourself… Will a quick fix really eliminate the problem? Do I really want that quick fix, that lucky break, or should I endure through the challenge and come out the other end a winner who is stronger for it?

The quick fix you really need for weight loss is actually a series of little “fixes” each and every day. Eating cleaner, increasing your water, resting your body when you need it are all ways to ensure a sustainable journey to a healthier you. I encourage you to get on a plan that can help you start taking steps toward your goals and win!

In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.   Proverbs 14:23

To your success and beyond,

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