How Can I Reach My Goals? The More You Dream, the Farther You Get!

When you were younger did you dream of someday becoming an astronaut, a firefighter, or even the President of the United States? Well, if you’re like most, somewhere along the way you lost that innocent childlike belief that all things were possible, you became “practical”, and you began to settle for a little less.


Today, while you probably no longer aspire to become the president or fly to the moon, you still may be asking yourself, “Just how can I reach my goals?” and those goals may be as simple as eating right, quitting a bad habit, or sticking to a budget. Whatever your goals, don’t hold back! Why not dream BIG and set your goals high? Why not aspire to live a life of significance?

TEAM USA!Tonight as I settle in to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I am in awe of the athletes from around the world. Each one of them has worked, sacrificed, and then worked some more, to get where they are tonight, and I just want to hear each and every one of their stories.

EVERYONE has a story, even YOU!

Your story may not involve olympic qualification, but your personal decision to do what it takes to go after your goals, your dreams, and your passion is the first step. After that, if you take some time each day to actively make a written plan of action, and regularly reflect on your progress toward that plan, you’ll come even closer to your vision.

Who is on your team?

Don’t forget, surrounding yourself with people who will encourage you and motivate you to go after it with zeal can have a significant positive influence on your progress, as well. Don’t be content with average or you just may find yourself living a “settled-for” life. Instead, get out there, live with purpose, and actively seek that path to reach your goals. As olympic swimmer and 14-time gold medal winner, Michael Phelps says, “The more you dream, the farther you get.”

If YOU were to reach your ultimate goal, and I mean a BIG goal, how would you feel? What would be YOUR story?

2012 USA Boys Select A1 Volleyball Team


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