Repurposing: New Uses for Old Things

New Uses for Old ThingsHere’s my latest Pinterest -inspired repurposing idea!

I’m not sure what you call this personality trait, but when it comes to my home, I just can’t seem to sit still until everything is “just right”.

I’m the gal who is always rearranging the furniture, painting an old bookshelf, or looking for some DIY project around the house.  I’m also on a strict “debt diet”, so I’m constantly looking for cool ways to save money with repurposing ideas for finding new uses for old things.

This week I did a bathroom mini-makeover, involving a fresh coat of paint, and the removal of an old wall cabinet that was cluttering the space.

Removing the cabinet sure did the trick in that bathroom (glad I thought of it BEFORE painting), but then there was the cabinet sitting in the garage for days and I didn’t have the heart to just toss it out.

Solution: Look for a way to repurpose it!

So outside of the house, I’ve had this bunch of wires that the cable guy installed on the outer wall of our garage awhile back. Not anymore! Wires are covered, away from the weather, and the cabinet now has a new home!

I love repurposing! It’s cheap, I don’t have to throw away a perfectly good piece of furniture, and it’s always fun to trade ideas with other people (who seem to always have such awesome DIY skills!).

I wonder what project I’ll stumble upon next… I would love to hear more ideas, so fire away in the comments section below  (or follow me on Pinterest and we can exchange ideas directly)! Thanks, and happy repurposing!

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