Modify My Shakeology Order

MODIFY shakeo order

Hey fellow Shakeology drinkers!

So you’ve made the decision to get healthy and have included Shakeology as your daily dose of dense nutrition. Good for you! Did you know that now there are SEVEN Shakeology flavors? And did you also know that you are NOT required to keep the same flavor on your auto shipment each month, AND that you are NOT locked in to the same ship date/cycle each month either?

Customizing your order

It’s pretty simple to modify Shakeology schedules and flavor choices online. Whether you are a customer or a coach, you can:

• Switch to a new flavor
• Alternate between 2 flavors from month to month (To alternate 3 flavors, contact Customer Service)
• Update shipping address
• Change the shipping date
• Delay the next shipment up to 2 months (To delay longer than 2 months, contact Customer Service)

Modify Shakeology order – here’s how:

The orders can be modified by filling out the modification form located in the following places:

For Coaches/Discount Customers: Login to your Coach Online Office
Direct link if you are logged in: Modify My Shakeology Home Direct Order

For Customers: Follow this link

If in doubt, you can always call…


Coaches/Discount Customers:

(so that they can positively identify you, email requests must be made from the same address you signed up with)

Need to cancel? Cancellations cannot be done online, but you can take care of it via email, chat, or phone call to either customer service or coach relations.

Please allow up to 3 business days for requests to take effect.