Shakeology Super Sampler

Shakeology Super Sampler

Which Shakeology® flavor will you choose?

The answer to that question just got a little easier.

Have you heard about the drink they call the “healthiest meal of the day”? Maybe you’ve been wondering what Shakeology® meal replacement shakes taste like. If you’ve wanted to try Shakeology® , the Shakeology Super Sampler is the perfect way to try all of the flavors before committing to a full-size bag or combo box.

Each Shakeology Super Sampler pack contains 6 single-serve packets of Shakeology (1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry, 1 Greenberry, 1 Chocolate Vegan, and 1 Tropical Strawberry Vegan), a copy of the Shakeology Welcome Guide, as well as 6 mouthwatering recipes. With our new Super Sampler, you’ll easily figure out which Shakeology flavors you love the most.


1 Chocolate Shakeology Packet
1 Vanilla Shakeology Packet
1 Strawberry Packet
1 GreenBerry Shakeology Packet
1 Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Packet
1 Tropical Strawberry Vegan Shakeology Packet

All 6 flavors for $29.95!

(Coach Price: $22.46)

Order your Shakeology Super Sampler NOW:

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It’s more than just your average protein shake!

Start thinking of your food as fuel, stop trying to cut corners with artificial sweeteners and empty calories. Shakeology is quick, it’s easy, but more importantly, it’s healthy (and doesn’t taste like it)!

Order Insanity Max:30

 Get your Shakeology Super Sampler today!

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As appreciation for ordering from me, after placing your order, use the form below and I will also send you a FREE shaker cup for nutrition on-the-go (subject to in-stock availability).*

One per person please. Must provide confirmation of Shakeology Trial Pack order.

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*Note: This free gift is only for those NOT currently working with other coaches. If you already have a Team Beachbody account (ordered a program in the past) chances are you already have a coach that was assigned to you. Not sure? Shoot me an email and we can figure it out.

Other FAQs:

  • Each sample pack is a full serving (one complete meal) of Shakeology and should be mixed with at least 8 oz. of liquid (milk, almond milk, water, etc).
  • I recommend making your shake in the blender for a tasty icy treat, but the shaker cup is perfect for on-the-go (and for arming yourself against the fast food drive-through window)!
  • Mix up a packet on those busy mornings as you head out the door, keep one in your gym bag, your office desk drawer, or even drink it during your rush hour commute!
  • Favorite recipe: 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology, 3/4 cup water, 3/4 cup skim or almond milk, lots of ice, 1/2 banana, PB (or PB2) mixed in a blender. It’s AMAZING!! Some prefer less/more liquid or different add-ins. You can play around with the ingredients to best fit your tastes! See other sample recipes here.

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bottom of the bag guarantee*The benefits of Shakeology are best realized when used for an extended period of time. I highly recommend going with a full month’s supply to experience the health benefits derived from the high quality ingredients in Shakeology, but the Sampler Packets do offer a taste test if you are not comfortable starting off with a 30-day supply at first. All full month orders are fully refundable if you don’t like it for any reason and don’t feel healthier, more energized, and simply amazing in the first 30 days. All it takes is a simple phone call or email within those 30 days for a refund of the purchase price, less S&H – no questions asked. Even if the bag is totally empty!

Once you try a sample and fall in love with the taste – come back to order your 30-Day supply so you can start experiencing the health benefits of Shakeology (FREE SHIPPING on “Home Direct” orders).


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