Shift Shop Rules: 11 “Rules” to Motivate You Through Any Workout


shift shop rules

Shop Rules

When I was in middle school, we had a mandatory wood shop class (which I loved), and I remember our teacher, Mr. Chun, always telling us, “The shop is no place to be in a rush or have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude”. Our safety was on the line, and he made it a point to reiterate his shop rules to us daily. He reminded us that once the rules became a part of who we were as woodworkers, we’d be much more productive and really enjoy our experience while we worked on building our final pieces.

Just like Mr. Chun’s shop rules were there for us to get the most out of his class while working on our finished products, Chris Downing’s new Beachbody program, Shift Shop, is a challenging program with some shop rules of its own.

Downing begins each workout with a Shop Rule – a motivational statement to help keep you going to the very end of each session.

Shift Shop is one of those programs that forces you to look within and understand that you already have all the potential you need within you to accomplish anything you want,” says Downing. “With these shop rules, I’m speaking directly to you, to make that shift mentally and motivate you to not give up and to be the absolute best you can be.”

Beachbody wellness editor Sharon Brock recently sat down with Chris Downing to learn more about the 11 shop rules and why they are so motivational.

11 Shop Rules of Shift Shop

1. Try before you modify.

Sometimes when you’re doing a workout and it starts getting challenging, you immediately go to what’s easy. So, this shop rule reminds you to try as hard as you can, and at least try the move when you’re tired, and only go to the modification is there’s no other way. That edge where we want to give up is where we grow, where we get better, and where we get stronger. It’s then you can experience how strong you really are, or how much further you can really go.

2. You need form to perform.

When your form is on-point, you will avoid injury, get the best results possible, your mind is more focused, and you feel like you’re in the zone because your body and mind are in sync. When everything is in sync it’s a huge confidence booster.

3. Breathe through it.

During core workouts, there are so many challenging moments. Sometimes these workouts can stir up anxiety and because it’s challenging you either want to stop or slow down. But if you just calm your mind down by slowing down your breathing, you calm that storm in your head. Oftentimes, it’s just your mind telling you that you can’t finish the workout, not your body. By calming the mind with deep breaths, you can usually finish stronger than you think.

4. Love yourself.

This one is probably the most important shop rule because your number one fan is yourself. And until you truly love yourself, you’ll never appreciate the journey, you’ll never appreciate all of your gifts, talents, and your service to the world. When you love yourself enough to take care of yourself with a strong mind and body, every aspect of your life at its maximum potential.

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5. Don’t let the move finish you, you finish the move.

When you’re doing an exercise and you start feeling the burn, that is when you make a decision: Am I going to finish this move to the end this time? Or, is the move going to finish me first? Make a decision. Don’t let the move control you. Dominate the competition between the ‘old you’ and the ‘new you’, and speak encouragement over yourself to the finish.

6. Go towards the burn.

The burn in the muscles can represent so many things. It can represent a strong hold on your life or it could represent something that’s a struggle for you. It wants you to stop the exercise and go back to being mediocre. So, rather than stopping and going back, Chris says, “go towards the burn” since the results you want are actually right on the other side.

7. Celebrate the challenge.

Often in life we see a challenge as an obstacle preventing us from getting what we want. But how about making that mental shift of seeing that challenge as something to welcome and celebrate because we know that our goal is so close we can almost taste it? Realize that this challenge is there to develop us, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. So, we need to celebrate challenges, and say, ‘thank you, I needed you in order to become the person that I am today.’ Seeing challenges in this way will motivate you to not quit when it gets hard.

8. Go bigger to get better.

This shop rule relates to a weightlifting workout that is in week two. You’re doing the program, you’re getting stronger, and you have to make a decision. Do you stay at mediocre or do you push yourself? If you’re lifting 12 to 15 pounds at the start, then these weights should become easier by the second week and it’s time to add some weight. Don’t stop your momentum. Keep going, keep adding weight (staying in good form, of course). Keep doing what it takes to bring out the best in yourself and maximize your results in this program. Don’t settle.

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9. Just one more.

This shop rule is for the super core workout. When you get tired, just say to yourself, ‘just one more rep, no matter what.’ When that time clock is ticking down, don’t stop with a second to go, give it one more. Just when you think you can’t push any more, you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

10. Push with purpose.

This shop rule for an intense weight training workout where you have to dig deep to lift heavier weights. When it gets challenging, ask yourself, why are you doing this? If your purpose is to be in the best shape of your life, then when those challenges come up, when you get tired, remember you’re pushing for a reason. What is your ‘why’? Before you start the program, write down why you’re doing it, write down your purpose, and keep that paper with you so you can look at it during tough workouts so you don’t give up.

11. Anything is possible.

This shop rule sums it up. Anything is possible if you believe. See it in your mind and connect with it emotionally. Give it a heartbeat. By emotionally connecting to your vision you can achieve your goal. It’s clear in your mind now, so all you have to do is develop and nurture that vision, don’t give up. Whatever that vision is – it is possible.

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shift shop RULES

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