T25 vs P90X3 – Who wins?

T25 vs P90X3A lot of questions have been coming my way concerning the differences between two of the newest Beachbody programs: Focus T25 and P90X3. Well, aside from the obvious, the celebrity trainers Shaun T and Tony Horton, what exactly IS the difference?

I made this handy chart with many of the common variables people are looking for in a workout program. After looking through the similarities and differences, I hope you have a better idea of the one that will be the best fit for you.

Tips for making your choice:

  • Decide how much resistance/weight training you want to do. While both programs use your own body weight and some dumbbells, P90X3 has a slight edge when it comes to resistance.
  • Decide who you would rather workout with each day. Tony and Shaun each have distinct personalities, so sometimes it just comes down to personal preference.

T25 vs P90X3

The bottom line?

Some might say these programs are just two paths to the same destination. Truth is, either one will get it done. Your personal “fit” will be the best factor in your success. After all, you are competing against YOU, so the one that YOU are most comfortable with is the one you will likely be more consistent in doing, resulting in the best results! Remember, both have a money-back guarantee, so don’t worry about being “stuck” with a bad decision. In the end, the best workout is the one you’ll DO and you success it all that matters.

Once you’ve decided on your workout, the next important step will be to order the workout. For the month of January, the Challenge Pack option for both T25 and P90X3 will be offered at a discounted price of $180 (regularly $205), so if you really want results, take action now and you’ll be pushing play and seeing changes in your body sooner than Tony or Shaun can yell, “TIME”.

Ready to make your choice?

t25 yellowFor ordering information on Focus T25: More information on T25
Focus T25 Challenge Pack: Challenge Pack T25 

For ordering information on P90X3: More information on P90X3
P90X3 Challenge Pack: Challenge Pack P90X3

(all orders include your FREE coach for accountability and support):

Receive 10% off this order and all future TeamBeachbody orders with a Club Membership. You will have a short form to fill out, and make sure it says that Laurie Yogi (fitwithfriends) will be your assigned coach.

If you haven’t seen my video reviews of some of the P90X3 workouts, click here: P90X3 – Is 30 minutes really enough?

Still have questions after reading this review? Please leave a comment below. Good luck, and keep pushing play!

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