Dear teachers, counselors, administrators, moms, or anyone who is running on empty and on the verge of burnout:

Between the hustle of your work life and responsibilities at home, have you ever thought to yourself, “Is this all there is?”

We all know that unless you teach, it’s hard to imagine just how demanding the education profession is. Our time and our energy slowly get sucked away with every year and every new “initiative” that gets put on our plate. Most people just don’t get it.

Here is a simple truth. Those of us who feel called to teach often have one big “fault”: As much as we care, and try to be the most enthusiastic, engaging teacher we can be, we get so used to taking care of everyone else that we don’t take care of ourselves very well. Our nutrition takes a back seat, we lack the sleep we need – and exercise? Who has time for THAT?

laurie at diamond head lookoutMy name is Laurie Yogi. I’ve been an educator for 22+ years, and a single mom for 10. It’s been an amazing ride, but throughout it all, I’ve survived disease, debt, divorce, and depression. I know what burnout and fatigue feels like.

Maybe you do, too. 

Maybe each year you are slowly experiencing the creep of a few added inches around the waist. Perhaps you experience mood swings due to hormonal imbalance, have developed emotional eating issues, or maybe you don’t sleep as well as you should. All in the name of holding it all together. 

Fatigue, weight gain, digestive issues and illness all hold us back from living a powerful life pursuing what we’ve been called by God to do. The Bible makes it very clear that we were made in the image of our Creator and we are expected to care for the body He gave us (1  Corinthians 9:16). We can honor God by taking care of our bodies, and these health issues do NOT have to be our new “normal” just because we have demanding lives.

It’s time to reroute the self-sacrificing train ride that you’ve put yourself on. It needs to change course or it’s going to result in a crucial and unsustainable imbalance in your life.  I can help!

 I want to show you how to get #TEACHERSTRONG.

I was fortunate to find a way to escape my state of burnout and overwhelm, and today I live not a perfect life, but one filled with joy and good health. I want to show you that you, too, can live your purpose without losing yourself.

If you are SO DONE with:

  • having to force your enthusiasm and energy for the kids, despite feeling exhausted and worn out… This is for you.
  • putting your own needs last because your tank is empty at the end of the day… This is for you.
  • always trying to cover up because you are feeling frustrated with a negative body image… This is for you.

Or how about if you just want to be able to zip up your jeans –
without having to do the wiggle dance, jump up and down, or lay down on the bed!

Project #TEACHERSTRONG is for you!

Does this sound like you? 

  • working right through your recess, lunch, and even during meetings, because hey, time is a commodity!
  • taking papers home with you, but you’re so exhausted you don’t even open your teacher bag until you’ve lugged it right back to school the next day.
  • appearing like you have it all together, but on the inside you are stressed and overwhelmed, and can’t even find a spare moment to use the bathroom (if you’re a teacher, you definitely know this one)!

And to keep up with it all, you…

skip breakfast • drink too much caffeine • snack on unhealthy, processed “foods”
• hit the drive-thru lane one too many times a month (or week!) • have tried shortcuts to lose weight, and they simply haven’t worked.

That’s where Project #TEACHERSTRONG comes in!





Four key ingredients to help you to reach


What will Project #TEACHERSTRONG do for me?

In 21 days you will learn some key habits for improved overall health and wellness that will last you long beyond the end of the program. Here is just some of what you will learn:
  • How to customize a meal plan that fits into your lifestyle
  • How to choose the right foods and portion sizes to meet your goals
  • How to make healthy recipes that don’t taste like cardboard!
  • How to NOT spend every night in the kitchen, so you can have more time for yourself & your family
  • How to carve out precious time for yourself so you can work on your goals
  • How to develop a daily habit of exercise, using a program you select yourself
  • How to shift your mindset away from thoughts of restriction and deprivation by replacing your habits
  • How to lean on God’s strength ask Him to help you with yours
  • And much more!
Here’s how I will help you get there:teacherstrong thumbs up
  • I will provide live interaction with me in a private Facebook group, and give you daily support as your virtual online coach (only #TEACHERSTRONG members allowed!).
  • I will guide you in selecting and purchasing your complete workout and nutrition program based on your personal goals.
  • I will personally be participating along side you daily, as you quickly learn the value of the group atmosphere.
  • I will keep our group exclusive – only you and the other members can even see the posts. Super motivating! Super safe!  
  • I will offer meal prep tips and answer questions in the group
  • I will listen to your needs and support you every step of the way!
And the best part? You’ll save money AND time!
  • NO gym membership required
  • NO paying a personal trainer
  • NO fighting traffic to run to a class after a long day
  • Workout in the privacy of your own home on your own time

Who is PTS for?

Whether you are looking to tone up, build muscle, drop pounds, or haven’t worked out in years, there is a program that is right for you. It doesn’t matter where you live, your age, current level of fitness, or if you even know anyone else in the group. All that matters is you have made a decision that it’s TIME to CHANGE something, and you will have the support and tools you need to finally do it! All you’ll need to bring is:
  • your desire to want to make a change to your health
  • your investment in the workout program you choose with my guidance
  • your commitment to check in with the group daily and follow the teachings
  • your positive mindset to see yourself feeling better again as a result!

Who is PTS NOT for?

  • Project #TEACHERSTRONG is NOT for tire-kickers, lurkers, or those not ready to give their all for 21 days.
  • Project #TEACHERSTRONG is NOT for the person who wants a quick-fix scheme or miracle weight loss without doing any work on themselves.
#TEACHERSTRONG IS a project where you finally get to invest in, and work on. YOU. Show up everyday, play full out, and you will set a strong foundation to get in the very best shape of your life. It would be my honor to work with you and help you get there.

What will it cost me?

project teacherstrong top 10

We will discuss your current fitness level, your realistic goals, and I will help you select a fitness and nutrition program (called a Challenge Pack) for between $140 – $180. All of the workouts you’ll need, a nutrition plan, and a simple portion control system are included, along with some extra bonuses, too! Everything in your kit is yours to keep and reuse. I will be spending a considerable amount of time running the group and providing daily guidance and motivation, all at NO additional cost to you. In full disclosure, I do receive a commission for each program sale – that is compensation for my time. However, NO additional fees will be coming your way for my coaching. Because I am committed to you, I want to work with those who are committed, as well. I want to work with people with a real desire to change. Your one-time payment enables you to keep all the items in your kit – the workouts, calendar, nutrition guidebook, and any tools that are included – forever. You will also have access to our exclusive online Shaped for Strength FB group as long as you ever want, so the support can continue even after your #TEACHERSTRONG project ends. Compare that to the recurring costs of a personal trainer, a monthly gym membership, or a nutritional consultant, and you will be saving hundreds of dollars – and have more support!

teacherstrong horizontal lineNo Risk!

30 day guarantee Every program also comes with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. Within the first 30 days if you find that your program didn’t meet your expectations, a quick phone call or email will help you receive instructions for a return and full refund (less shipping and handling), making your purchase completely risk-free!

When can I start?

happy teacherstrong teacher The next #TEACHERSTRONG group begins OCTOBER 31st. To request access to the group, click here or hit the “I’m Ready” button below to pre-register. Based on your information, I will help match you up with the right program for your goals. So check your email for an invitation from me and let’s get started! PRE-REGISTRATION ENDS 11/27/16. SPOTS WILL FILL UP, SO REGISTER TODAY!

Your calling is important. Don’t wait another month just going through the motions, headed toward burnout. Say no to the burnout and YES to creating a powerful life! Your results (and those better-fitting jeans) are waiting!