Thinner Winners, and an Invitation For You

thinner winners
Laurie, Corey, Jack and Dionne – Thinner Winners!

I hardly ever enter contests – especially not weight loss ones.

I believe the number on the scale shouldn’t define who we are; however, it CAN become a motivator in the right context.

Let me share the story of the night our team, “The Melters”, actually did it! We won the 2011 Thinner Winner Challenge!

OMG, we won! We were the thinner winners!

Jack, Corey, Dionne and I lost a cumulative total of 62 pounds, and took home the $1000 prize, as well as some individual awards, which was way cool. The best part, though, was the month of camaraderie we formed as we each pushed each other through the challenge. To this day, we still talk about it.

The culminating event was a formal dinner where they did the “big reveal”. What a night of celebration it was, after 30 days of hard work!

We used Insanity, TurboFire, a little P90X, LOTS of cardio, and of course, Shakeology helped us stay hydrated and filled our bodies with the nutrients we needed each day to push through.

Stress was no longer our excuse

With all of us working at a large middle school our stress levels are generally running high on any given day. As I get older, I am noticing that my stress has a way of packing on the pounds. My friends have confirmed it too (yes, we all blame the “stress”). It usually just creeps up on you and before you know it you’re shopping for bigger jeans. It wasn’t until this contest that I took a pretty good look at what kind of excuses I was really making. I’m still a work in progress on that one.

Thinner Winner goals

We entered this challenge because we all had weight loss goals and we all had personal reasons for wanting to be healthier. We also had ALL tried in the past with limited results, so we figured there would be strength in numbers.

The 30 days went by pretty quickly. We kept in touch and made sure no one fell off the wagon. We connected via email, text, and of course we were lucky to have all worked at the same place, so the face-to-face “tough love” was good, too.

We each worked out at home with our Beachbody programs, and each Friday during the month we met outside of school to do a workout of some kind. We met at the park, a YMCA boot camp class, and even in one of our classrooms to pop in the Insanity DVD (this was before the live streaming trend of Beachbody on Demand).

Writing our story

In the end, we were able to show big progress! My coach held a shindig where all the participating teams got together to see who collectively had lost the biggest percentage. Everyone looked gorgeous that night and the food was delicious!

To our amazement, my team ended up taking home the grand prize of $1000! So proud of my team’s success!

Are you up for a challenge?

Challenges these days have migrated online and DVDs to the streaming format, and I’ve gone from competing, to hosting my own. The group support I first experienced with my thinner winners has been invaluable in helping so many people write their own success stories in many online challenges since then.

If you’ve ever even slightly considered joining an online challenge, I would definitely encourage you to try. You will gain confidence, strength, stamina, new friends, and new healthier habits. We have them just about every month, so if you’re ready to jump in, let’s do it!teacherstrong horizontal line


Contact me here and I’ll send you a link with info about our next challenge (or feel free to ask questions and I’ll help you see if this would even be a great fit for you).

Or, if you’re ready, click here to fill out the pre-application form so I can help you select a program that matches your goals. <HOOK ME UP!>

Much love,
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