Where’s Your Finish Line? Diana Nyad Finally Finds Hers!

Diana Nyad finish line

Diana Nyad has faced a lot of adversity in her life, but never let that stop her from pursuing her dreams, goals, and her finish line.

Her latest? A successful trek across the ocean from Cuba to Florida, without a shark cage – or even swim fins!

The expression “try and try again” is one that definitely applies here:

From Start to Finish Line:


Nyad makes her first attempt at the Cuba to Florida swim, inside a shark cage. Doctors pulled her from the water after nearly 42 hours because she was being slammed against the cage and blown too far off course by high winds.

July, 2010 (age 60):

Nyad began training again for the dream she hadn’t realized 32 years earlier. Her motivation? She wanted to prove to the 60-year-olds that it is never too late to start your dreams. Unfortunately, high winds and low water temperatures forced a postponement of the trip.

September, 2011:

Nyad’s dream once again looked like it was doomed. She was pulled from the water due to box jellyfish and Portuguese man-o-war stings.

August, 2012:

She tried her 4th attempt (without a shark cage). She gives credit to Olympian Michael Phelps this time for her motivation, however, after 3 days in the water a bad storm and more jellyfish stings forced her to abort.

August, 2013:

Nyad’s 5th and final attempt was successful. Protected from head to toe with a special suit to guard against the jelly fish, and again with no shark cage, Diana Nyad emerged on the shore of Key West, Florida, about 53 hours (and many, many years) after beginning her journey.

In her post-swim interview, Nyad shared, “I have three messages. One is, we should never, ever give up. Two is, you’re never too old to chase your dream. Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.”

Diana Nyad is a prime example of how will and determination can take you to your dreams and beyond.

Where is your “finish line”? What dreams and goals will you crush in your future? Who is your support team?

No matter where your personal finish line lies, may you find the kind of inner will and determination that Diana Nyad has,  amidst all adversity, and get to “the other shore” to reach your dreams!


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