Shaped for STRENGTH

Take back your wellness in small ways every day, to live

    in your empty nest and beyond

Ready for #FoodFreedom?

A Biblically-based approach to breaking free from food bondage, so you can ditch destructive diets and finally kick your cravings, one small change at a time.

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Shaped for Strength. Fit for HIS Purpose.
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Through our faith we can find more strength, joy, and purpose for living a life that is healthy and whole. Empty Nesting is so much better when God's at the center!

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A strong, healthy body equips us for our purpose, but the reality is exercise has to fit into our lives or we won't do it. Find your soulmate workout and you'll be fit for life!



Your body is a temple. Don't let it live in a Pizza Hut! Feed it more God-made food and you'll kick cravings naturally without the guilt. Weight loss will be a happy side effect!

Are you craving that confidence you once had as you look in the mirror? Ready to stop hiding behind the kids and the furniture before you'll let them snap the family photo? Are you staring at the coming empty nest wondering what's next?
you’re in the right place!

OK, so we’re approaching midlife…
Who says the unwanted weight gain & fat showing up in all the wrong places 
has to be our reality?

Imagine how it would feel to look great and feel amazing as you age, instead of struggling with a slowing metabolism, weight gain, and even the anxiety that comes with the ‘what now’ of the empty nest. Not only is this possible, it’s what God wants for us, too! Taking care of our “temple” is not always easy, but if we let Him, He will SHAPE us for STRENGTH through the journey! 

As a single mom, cancer survivor, and middle school teacher, I know the struggle is real, but overwhelm doesn’t have to be. MY PROMISE is to help you realize you are 100% worthy of living your best life – even in the midst of your changing ‘mom role’.

Empty nesting is OUR TIME – to get back in control and finally live life well as we transition into our next season! I’m on a mission to get fit for His purposeand I’d love to support you to get there, too. NO fad diets, wraps, or magic pills here – just baby steps for small wins every day, to get fit, healthy, happy, and whole. We’re worth it! 

 ~ laurie

HEY, beautiful!


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