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What are the most common reasons we don’t accomplish our weight loss goals?


We're doing ineffective workouts (or none at all), and we avoid strength/weight training, in favor of "traditional" cardio. Our body has adapted to a routine we've been doing for too long.


We eat the wrong foods, too much of the "right" foods, or we use the "it's just easier" excuse to eat junk because we think planning ahead is too overwhelming. We don't know where to start.


We make weight loss the ultimate goal, and obsess about numbers on a scale. We think we need to lose weight to be healthy instead of getting healthy to lose weight, be happy, and be fulfilled.


We lack someone to turn to when it gets rough, to stay motivated to keep us from quitting. We turn to the quick fix and think we'll just wing it alone, when what we really need is accountability and support.

If any of these struggles describe you, guess what? You are NORMAL! We ALL struggle! But we don’t have to STAY in the struggle. We’ve been created for more (and we’re definitely worth it)!

You don't have to go it alone...
that's where Challenge Groups come in!

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In a “Challenge Group” you’re plugged into a SYSTEM that has been proven to be successful.

  • I create a private group within a tracker App you can access from your phone
  • I’ll send you an invite & add you in along with any new challengers starting that month.
  • We’ll do a daily check-in, whether it be to share a favorite healthy meal, how we did with that day’s workout, or just be there to encourage each other.
  • YOU’LL RECVEIVE support and accountability, and a terrific way to stay motivated and celebrate the little victories (and struggles) you’ll experience along the way! 

The tracker app remains enabled for the duration of the challenge (usually 21 or 30 days, depending on the month), and you will set up your notifications so you won’t fall off the wagon!  We won’t let you quit!

Why Should You Join an Accountability Group?

Making changes is HARD! Knowing you’re not alone is half the battle, and helping you crush your goals, no matter how many times you’ve had to RE-start in the past – is my personal mission (confession… I need these challenge groups just as much as anyone)!

Statistically speaking, you are more likely to experience setbacks when trying to “wing it” on your own, especially as you get older and the stuff that used to work isn’t quite cutting it anymore. #truthbomb 

Sure, you can scour free YouTube videos or go through Pinterest and look for the latest plank challenge, but in our Challenge Group you are getting the whole enchilada – a structured workout program, the nutrition component that has been designed by experts (not me, lol), and the support from people who are also trying like heck to reach their goals, too! 

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At the end of the challenge, you will find that you’ve made some friends along the way – and that’s just icing on the cake!

I’ve been there and done that, starting a new program with the best of intentions, but somehow letting my motivation fade when it got too tough, or when “life got in the way”. I want to help you START, then GAIN MOMENTUM, so you see that being fit, happy, healthy, & whole is a sustainable path to wellness – at ANY age!

Everyone has a different starting point, but everyone can see progress.

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Join the next group and get the 3 KEYS to finally reach success!

1. Regular exercise
2. A solid nutrition plan
3. The support you need to get results!

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Already a member? Email me for a code to join the group for free.

There is NO CHARGE to be a member in a Challenge group or have access to the Tracker App, and there is NO FEE for my personal coaching. Your only investment is to purchase the workout program itself, or to join the annual BOD membership program. If I’m already your coach, chances are you already have everything you need, so just reach out and let me know in your application and I’ll get you all set up in the group! If we aren’t already connected, I’d love to welcome you on board!